007 FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE (James Bond) – GameCube Game Review


Here is the third in a long line of videos showing every game in the PAL GameCube series in order from A-Z.

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Game: 007 From Russia with Love (James Bond)
Publisher: EA (Electronic Arts)
Release Date: 18/11/2005 (UK)

Copyright Info: All images and game play clips copyright Nintendo / EA and only used under fair use terms for game review.


  1. Ah Jetpacks. That's what I miss from the new Bond movies. None of this Daniel-Craig-hacking-with-an-iPhone-app stuff.
    I think I'm the only one in the world who wants to see them be MORE like Moonraker 😀

  2. did anyone notice the subtle joke at the beginning – "the games over mr bond" "its only just begun!" y'know cos its the beginning of the game and all?? no?? nevermind

  3. This is such a kick ass game. I'm currently replaying it all the way through. Think I paid $4.49 for it on Ebay for the G'cube.


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