10 Cool Things You Had No Idea Your Old Nintendo 64 Could Do


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Back in the day, there was nothing better than popping in your favorite cartridge and spending hours on the Nintendo 64. No matter how long you actually played the console, there were likely some hidden features you had no clue the console could do. Learn about these various tricks and consider dusting off the old thing to try them out for yourself!

If you love the Nintendo 64 controllers or emulating classic games on the computer, then you can actually use the original controller designs. A USB adapter allows two controllers to be plugged into the same USB port and can be used for a variety of games. The Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Color had little interaction until a Pokemon game gave players a way to play Game Boy on a full-sized TV. The original NES power glove was a big bust, but that didn’t stop developers from creating a rare glove design for the N64. The clunky accessory wasn’t used for any exclusive game, but did provide some fun. The N64 expansion pak was essential for some games, but it also added a lot enhancements to other titles. Online gaming was not used on the standard N64, but players who got their hands on the N64DD could actually go online with various games. The N64 only plays N64 cartridges, but a third-party accessory allowed players to play both older NES and Super Nintendo games they still have laying around. Special versions of the N64 controller were actually used as television remotes. If you didn’t like the controller, the N64 also released a special mouse and keyboard package for the 64DD. A lot of countries got exclusive N64 games and you could get your hands on them thanks to a special region-free add-on. Online access and email could be obtained through a special N64 add-on known as Sharkwire. Watch to see all of these hidden things your Nintendo 64 could do!

Script by: Alan Donahue

Voice Over by: Cody Flesher

Edited by: Kyle West

USB Controller Adapters | 0:34
Emulating Game Boy Games | 1:35
The N64 Power Glove | 2:33
N64 Expansion Pak Uses | 3:32
Online Gaming | 4:35
Backwards Compatibility | 5:42
Television Remote Controllers | 6:42
The N64 Mouse And Keyboard | 7:41
Playing Games From Any Country | 8:46
Gameshark Online | 9:46

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  1. Ninty was working on a idea where the Gameboy pocket would use the Game Camera to take a picture of yourself, and then attach your gameboy camera to your N64, and it would load up a image of your face, and map it onto a character in Perfect Dark, so essentially you could play as yourself in Perfect Dark multiplayer. I remember reading this in my N64 gaming mag.

    I dont think they could get it to work in the end, but just think how awesome that would have been. The N64 was such a underrated games console, Im sure it was more powerful than the PS1, it felt like it was.

  2. N64 games look better and run faster in an emulator. No reason to ever use an actual N64 ever. That is, unless you like the infamous blurrovision

  3. Decided to stop watching after the very first "You had no idea your old nintendo 64 could do" tip of , "Buy a fucking usb to N64 port adapter". What a joke.

  4. I think the 64DD would've sold well in the US.

    Those video clips of SM64 look really clear in this video, is that a modified version? I have SM64DS and it doesn't even look THAT clean.

  5. Do you remember when people would play video,games for fun and not for achievements and trophies? I remember…Trophy unlocked: Remembering…

  6. Another one of those videos that make you wish Youtube would finally get their s**t right and show the like/dislike ratio right next to the thumbnail.

  7. I actually bought one of those adapters (The exact one you showed in the video actually) around 2011ish?

    It still works flawlessly to this day. Let me tell you, those things are cool.

  8. None of these things have anything to do with what the N64 itself can do. It's just a bunch of accessories that if you don't already have them, suddenly knowing about them isn't going to get you to dig an N64 out of mothballs and play again, and if you DO already have them, you already know, and if they weren't enough to keep the N64 out of the closet, then they aren't enough to get you to take it out of the closet.
    In short, I want my 11 minutes back.

  9. 1) If i connect my N64 controller to PC via USB, then WTF is my N64 doing ?
    2) The TriStar 64 is NOT an official piece of hardware, it uses the N64 as a glorified power supply.
    3) This video is useless and completely retarded. Nothing of value was learned.

  10. The #1 coolest thing that you had not idea your old N64 can do: Sell on ebay for 50 bucks so you can buy a raspberry pi which can hold all the N64 games on a cartridge smaller than a postage stamp, upscale the graphics to 480+ and use any controller setup you want and you can actually use it with modern TV sets.

  11. I bought my n64 from a second hand store and apparently even to my knowledge had the expansion pack in it. Only problem is idk how to get it out. Lol

  12. 8:15 wait the mouse made in malaysia? I thought that malaysia don't create or sell any nintendo game in their country, I noticed this because I live in malaysia.


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