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We live in an era very different from the years gone by. If someone had presented me with a handheld console, with a colour screen that contained 298 games (or there abouts) in 1991, then I would have lost my mind and blown several tops. Now you can pick a machine like this up from sites like Wish.com and Aliexpress for mere dollars/pounds. I was enticed enough to purchase one and thought I’d have a quick look. I’ll probably do a wish.com unboxing thing and then I might even take it apart and poke some components if you’re lucky.

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  1. I've just watched this back and just to be clear, this video isn't sponsored and neither do I endorse wish dot com in any way shape or form. I also paid the whole SEVEN POUNDS for that handheld entirely myself. That last bit was purely an incredibly crap joke, which made it irresistible for me.

  2. Wish is just a bad way to buy things from AliExpress sellers.

    Your paying for *all* of those terrible adverts, US headquarters and of course lots of profit.

  3. I bought the exact same one, but sadly minus the box. Mine had a bit of a issue with the sound changing volumes at random, not ideal if you want to play it in a quiet place. So i simply disconnected the speaker. Anyway its a neat little thing, stills works after several months and the battery life is also pretty good. I got quite addicted to City Connection! (and also soon bought the original Famicom version).

  4. They do a similar gadget in the local esso garage.. i think it was 15 pounds comes with 2 cartridges with games loaded on .. on a psp style case , rechargeable battery (charge with a micro usb) value for money can't go wrong.. think it had sonic and an bunch of other games on. ) good stocking filler maybe.. thing they are sold in uk service stations as pxp2 or something.. lol

  5. Lol a 3d printer became a fidget spinner. I hope you got your money back!!
    I use Aliexpress for my china stuff. They are still a bit fishy in some cases though, but they dont have this 3000% totally fake pricedrops that wish.com is advertising. A quick lookup shows this handheld for the same exact price.
    How are wish.com's buyer protection?

  6. I had a search on ebay, a few days ago. for similar handheld games machines. there was one from a seller in china, for under £4 freepost. had a think. lets buy it. but now it dont show in a search or in recently viewed items. just the machines at £20 or so. ho hum. maybe dodged a bullet there.

  7. Yeah, the one black blob hides the main chip doing all the magic. NES system on chip. Or a microcontroller that emulates it. The rest is handling buttons and display. You get something extremely similar when you buy the chinese NES console with bundled games. It just has a TV out instead of an LCD. The next level after this is a Megadrive/Genesis. Also very common ripoff device. You can tell all those are the same thing inside because they all distort audio to unbearable level.

  8. As always, great vid. This would actually make a good cheap enclosure for a pi zero. The screen itself could be worth it in the long run.

  9. I mean… I could complain about the sweatshop conditions that this thing was probably made in, and the resulting loss of jobs in my own country due to free trade agreements allowing low tariff business with countries that don't have any sort of worker protection laws, thus allowing them to undercut more humane factories and causing a race to the bottom with ever worsening working conditions across the planet that will eventually boil over in a humanitarian crisis so big that it might cause world war 3… (*gasp) but let's be honest. The major companies are doing the same thing. This device is cutting out the middleman, so it may actually be a smidge more ethical in some twisted way.

    Anyway, you asked for it by saying that there was nothing to complain about in a forum where a New Yorker might hear you. Merry Christmas!

  10. There is no such thing as a North American Dollar, Canada has a separate dollar then the states. CND not USD, totally different currencies, we just both share the name Dollar, it's not like the Euro.

  11. Some of those eastern electronic knock off jobs are getting very good…i got a 960 nvidia card off ebay from vhina of 46 quid and was very surprised when it actually worked as described…the box had a few spelling errors and it was clearly a clone but works as good as one from pc world. The rep such stuff got for being poor quality and non functional is def slowly being removed.

  12. Does this thing have Kirby? Might be tempted to buy one if it does, but for some reason it's rare to see Kirby on these NES on a chip clones.

  13. Out of the tons of cheap crap emulators I've seen come out of China, that one doesn't seem bad at all for $10. I'm considering actually ordering one.

  14. I was recently the same … bought a brand new windows 10 8" tablet from ebay with intel processor 2gb ram 16gb memory and 1080p screen for £35 including delivery and clearly was jubius … but it came and i was shocked at the quality and performance!

  15. To be fair all original gameboys now suffer form some weird screen rot thing, they never used to look THAT bad 😛 I did get one of those £8 things but it did the sound all wrong and the controls were so horrible I ended up literally snapping the thing in half over a fulcrum of thumbs after dying in my best FPS_doug impression. In retrospect perhaps I should have spent the £8 on anger management.

  16. Haha I'm not even OCD but that brief moment before you open it when you stop playing the game and I see the battery compartmenbt not fully snapped closed drives me NUTS.. heheheh i hate seeing those cheap plastic piece snap or dig into your hand because they don't quite snap closed easily.. he h

    Great video! I love that even brief, this felt like an epic journey!

  17. I bought one of these from Wish after watching this video. I got a green one that came in a generic small cardboard mailer juuuuust big enough to fit the actual device. The screen on mine was clearly a sideways old cellphone screen, but has that off-axis problem where it was hard to look at due to one eye getting a darker part of the screen than the other.

    Caused eye strain, still fun, 9/10 IGN

    Also it has Donkey Kong Jr. Math on it. Twice.


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