10 PS1 Classics That Desperately Need To Be Remastered


You can’t have Crash without Spyro

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  1. I may have missed something but… Wasn't there a 'Metal Gear Solid' remake for the GameCube? Much like the original 'Resident Evil'? I was fairly sure it did get remade. So are you wanting it remade again beyond the Cube version…? I could see that and I'd LOVE ? 'Spyro' to get graphically remastered! ??

  2. MediEvil should definitely get a remake. The adventures of Sir Daniel Fortesque, that enigmatic, one eyed mumbler, occupied far too much of my childhood! Would love to see the Anorexic King of Detachable Limb's make a glorious return to next gen Gallowmere!

  3. Parasite eves, resident evil 2&3, silent Hills, disruptor, warhawk, army men 3d, armored cores, mechwarrior 2, siphon filter, gexs, spyros, crash bandicutes, adore escape.

  4. So, I've been going through all your lists and decided this one was probably the most appropriate to post on regardless of some of my thoughts on the others. I'm glad to see I'm not alone in the Syphon Filter thinking, though the PS2 was fun in its own right. I don't even know how I forgot about Parasite Eve, but don't get me started there. Oh my God, an actual remake of that game would be priceless, which leads to me Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn, while apparently it got horrible reviews, I always thought it was a great typical action packed video game that was like a cross between Medal Gear Solid and Resident Evil, in terms of its camera angles and story progression, but a legit remake could see it being greatly improved to such a point of being able to enjoy it like any other cinematic action popcorn crunching flick. And what the hell is wrong with people and Fear Effect?! Never gets mentioned on any list and so so should. While the second is alright, Edios achieved something masterful that had only been done once with Squaresoft and FF7 with the first Fear Effect game. Only instead of small snippets, Fear Effect was a great cinematic experience that blended its rendered environments on the still of the last frame perfectly, feeling completely immersive with superior storytelling that they couldn't even pull off with their much beloved Tomb Raider series at the time. Not many games you play where you end up in hell.

  5. Speaking of Namco AND getting back to basics: I'd love to see a reboot of the original Time Crisis. Don't spruce it up too much – For me TC 5 Doesn't have the charm the previous games. Just spruce up the graphics, maybe add a few more levels. I think that'd be ace.

  6. kinda half watching when the title 40 Winks gets said, and like a PTSD sufferer was dragged into a flashback full of suffering at all the pain that game gave me as a child

  7. For me, I would love to see Vagrant Story re-mastered. I loved this game so much and as it was by Square Enix I always thought they would make a sequel but they never did, mystifying really, so that is my choice


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