15 Hardest PS1 Games of All Time


Looking back on the PlayStation One era doesn’t just fill our hearts with joy at the memories of Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid and PaRappa the Rapper. It also reminds us of some of the most difficult titles in gaming, games that strained our patience and sense of enjoyment for years. Let’s go through 15 of these titles here, shall we?





  1. Dragon's Lair wasn't released on the PS1. The first time it got on a PlayStation console, it was on the PS3.

  2. I remember playing Heart of Darkness at my friend's house. It was one of the most darkest and hardest of games next to METALGEAR SOLID.

  3. Try Tigershark, Cyberia, Time Commando, Loaded, and a game I believe called Dungeon. I do not recall its name. There are lots of hard ps1 games.

  4. If you havent played King's Field series do it. It is some of the greatest games on PS1. First person rpgs for the win!

  5. i remember playing the original myst as a kid growing up in the 90s and man the game had some hard as nails puzzles like the rocket puzzle

  6. there was a game which i dont tbink it very popular, but it was very difficult for me it was call: IN COLD BLOOD. it was very difficult. also there was a level on the cliffs in , DRIVER 2 was a real pain too.

  7. Nightmare Creatures. Unforgiving combat system, traps that didn't always resolve correctly, item placement that sometimes meant dying just to see where it was, tremendous need for memorization, and all of this could have been slightly forgivable if not for the frame rate problems and bad camera control. Tenchu was immaculate. It was a stealth game that unknowingly set of a chain of increasingly well-made sequels.

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  9. I'm Surprised to see Valkyrie Profile is in the list. LOL…
    I remember Alundra and Tenchu not hard, but irritating in some level.

  10. You may want to check your facts Dragon's Lair was not released on the on the PlayStation 1. a DVD PlayStation 2 compatible version was released. But there was not a PlayStation 1 port. check the web page Dragons Lair Project under the laser disc emulator and ports section for more information


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