16 Games That Need to Be on the Nintendo 64 Classic


From Ocarina of Time to games that never made it out of Japan, here’s our wishlist for an N64 Classic.

SNES Classic Review:

9 Awesome Games Missing From the SNES Classic:

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  1. "The N64 is home to two of the best Mario Party entries ever"
    So… Are you talking about 1 and 2, or 2 and 3? Weird phrasing.

  2. What I think will be on it:
    1. Mario 64
    2. Paper Mario
    3. Mario Tennis 64
    4. Mario Golf
    5. Mario Party 2
    6. Mario Kart 64
    7. Super Smash Bros
    8. Zelda: OoT
    9. Zelda: MM
    10. Starfox 64
    11. F-Zero X
    12. Pokemon Snap
    13. Kirby 64
    14. Yoshi Story
    15. Donkey Kong 64
    16. Sin&Punishment

  3. Drop 1080 for Snowboard Kids 2
    Waverace for Diddy Kong Racing
    Mario Golf for Bomberman 64
    And throw Star Fox in there

  4. Oh I used to LOVE WaveRace64 and 1080. Hardly anyone gave those games love when they came out. And how come the father of console online multiplayer isn't on this list!? PERFECT DARK??

  5. Would love to try Snowboard Kids 2 – the game wasn't released in Europe. Conkers Bad Fur day would be awesome as well 🙂

  6. Mystical Ninja 2: Starring Goemon Great Adventure

    Donkey Kong 64
    NfL Blitz
    Super Smash Bros
    BOMBERMAN 64!!!
    Army Men Sarge's Hero 1
    Army Men Sarge's Hero 2
    F-Zero X
    Gauntlet Legends
    GEX 64
    Pokemon Stadium 2
    Quest 64
    Toy Story 2
    This concludes My dream list for an upcoming remake of the N64.

  7. Ok i can definitely agree with about three of these games as most of them are already come out with HD Remakes. I don't see the point in having the same games on the N64 Classic if i have already bought, For example Ocarina of time on my 3ds. Trade that Selection for something timeless like Toy Story 2 or Bomberman 1997.

  8. I just dont agree with this list as i grew up on the N64…i know my games. Waverace? Seriously. No. I hope its not to long to voice my opinion.

  9. I still have my 64 with all these games except Pokémon snap or puzzle….but um I’d rather just have these drop on switch!!!

  10. I enjoyed reading Jonathan's article, but seeing footage of these games takes me right back to being a kid crossed legged in front of a CRT TV with my friends. Should I be thanking Mark Medina for this great capture work?

  11. Obviously, we won't see Banjo because it belongs to Rare/Microsoft but I highly doubt we'll see Goldeneye due to licensing issues.
    I would love to see WWF No Mercy but that also seems unlikely. Pokemon Stadium 1 or 2, hopefully it's 2, should also be in it.

  12. Is there proof that there is definitely gonna be a N64 mini??? I mean I definitely want it to happen because out of the three this would be the one I'd stand in line for! ?

  13. I can't help but to feel that any potential N64 Classic will be a colossal disappointment due to the lack of the Rare games. Perfect Dark, Jet Force Gemini, Conker, and Banjo-Kazooie absolutely wouldn't be on it. GoldenEye most likely wouldn't be either.

  14. surprised you guys left out Yoshis Story, Diddy Kong Racing, Kirby 64 and Starfox 64 to name a few (Clayfighter 63 1/3 anyone)

  15. Diddy Kong Racing
    Doom 64
    Turok: Dinosaur Hunter
    Turok 2
    Perfect Dark
    also i think the N64 had the best Resident Evil 2

  16. With 2 Controllers – $110
    With 4 Controllers – $130

    1. Paper Mario 64
    2. Banjo-Kazooie 64
    3. Mario Party 2 64
    4. Mario Kart 64
    5. Super Smash Bros 64
    6. Pokemon Stadium 64
    7. F Zero 64
    8. Star Fox 64
    9. Zelda OoT 64
    10. Zelda MM 64
    11. Super Mario 64
    12. Golden Eye 007 64
    13. Donkey Kong 64
    14. Pokemon Snap 64
    15. Kirby 64
    16. Star Wars RS 64


    17. Yoshi's Story 64
    18. Star Wars Pod-Racer 64
    19. Banjo-Tooie 64
    20. Ridge Racer 64

  17. just buy an n64 if you really want to replay your games. I learned after the nes and SNES classic that I'm never getting one of these damn rereleases and I bet a lot of you haven't either. Plus once nobody gets these a lot more people are going to take my idea and then n64 prices will raise. Also why would you show the 3ds versions of Majoras Mask and Ocarina of time when they aren't putting those versions on the classic edition.


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