3 in 1 Converter Playstation 2 to PC USB, Gamecube and Xbox Adapter Review HD1080p


My review of the 3 in 1 Converter which allows you to connect a Playstation 1/2 gamepad to either the gamecube, Wii Model 001, Xbox, N64 or the PC via USB. You can also connect two Xbox memory cards on it and it uses the rumble features.

Here you can find the drivers for the PC

And here is my unboxing of the EAXUS PS2 to USB adapter


  1. Thanks for the video. I'm considering getting one of these & I have a question about the shoulder-button delay you mentioned when using it on the Gamecube. Have you tried using a PS1 controller ? The PS2 controller has pressure-sensitive buttons but the PS1 controller doesn't. Therefore I'm guessing that the delay issue might not exist with a PS1 controller. Be interesting to find out.


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