$400 N64 with HDMI?! Is it WORTH IT?!


Play your Nintendo 64 with bit-perfect video and audio on a modern HDTV with the UltraHDMI kit, which captures video as digital RGB, optionally adding processing like scanlines and crop/fill, producing up to 1080p HDMI output. This my review of the kit and whether I think it’s worth the high cost.

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** This is not a sponsored or paid review. I purchased the UltraHDMI kit and had Michael Smith of the Seattle Retro Gaming Group install it. The opinions expressed in the video are my own **


  1. FYI: That checkerboarding on my S-Video footage may be caused by my multi-cable that does both composite & S-Video. I have two of them and they both do it, but there are reports that if you buy more expensive dedicated S-Video cables the results should be better. You still won't get the benefits of the de-blurring however…

  2. No question, looks great…  $400 is very steep though, I could see it if I played it every day but, it's a once and a while thing now days.  As I do own a N64 and all the games I play, I still use them on a very moderm computer into a 4K tv with emulation station (windows) just for the convence feature (yes, I use an orginal controller to play as well)……….I'm going to have to compare them side by side to see how much better it looks n64 Svideo Vs, HDMI from an emulator on a 4K tv… I'm betting the Emulator with HDMI into a 4K tv would look very comparable to the HDMI mod here..

  3. Interesting mod for someone that is a purest and has to play on original hardware. However, I'd probably just use an emulator to achieve similar results.

  4. hey man I have a hdmi set up for my dreamcast, specifically so I can play shenmue again. Only problem is I cant get the audio to work, only the video, any tips? or video on how to do it properly, not sure what I'm doing wrong

  5. Wow. The guy who does these mods is ripping people soooooooooooooo bad. 400 dollars?!?!?!?!?! Just buy the piece for 15 bucks on ebay and find someone who is good with electronics and saudering and what not. Give em 25 bucks or whatever to install it and bam. Hell you could even be over generous and give someone a 100 and get it done. Theres how to videos. Or if you know the basics of doing things like this you could do it yourself. But really 400, 300, 200, 100, hell even 50 bucks in my book is entirely too much. Id say its too much eve. If the system 20 games 4 controllers and the mod for that price is wayy to much. Ehhh but thats just me. Over all though very nice video man.

  6. MetalJesusRocks- shout out to those two copies of Darkseed from Giger! I am a big Giger collector, and have the first, but not the second. Good to see good copies out there still!

  7. I'd rather do something about the flimsy controllers, though. Those joysticks weren't meant to last, and none of mine have. Unfortunately, the N64 is dead to me for that reason.

  8. Try using awe n64 emulator, a good Android gamepad and connect your phone/tablet to your HD TV using a wired method (chromecast etc can be too slow) and you get same result if not better, the awe n64 emulator really nailed it.. Perfect sound and picture.

  9. so without watching the video let me say this….fuck no! is someone really buying an n64 with hdmi ??? i can get an nvidia shield tv for 200, and then pay for over a year worth of geforce now to stream pc games to it from nvidia. nothing on n64 is worth that money, 64 friggin bit system for 400 lololol if you buy it you deserve to own it lmaoo idiots

  10. i tried psx2 emulator and an original ps2 disc, with x4 or just x2 antiailising its fucking remastered game. tried with gtasa, gt4, shadow of the colossus, godhand, resident evil 4

  11. Cool video! Don't know if it's something you'd consider doing, but why not show both set ups at once? So it's easier to compare?


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