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We all know video games are awesome, but some games are so innovative that they define new mechanics and features that change gaming as we know it. In this video, we’ll be taking a look at 5 such ground-breaking titles from the era of the Nintendo 64. Each of these games are credited with pushing the limits of their genre, or in some cases, defining new genres entirely. Check out my top list of 5 N64 games that were ahead of their time! Thanks for watching!


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  1. Another thing with Perfect Dark: It was the first console FPS to make use of dual analog controls (via dual-controller mode setting, and two controllers.)

    You can actually play it Halo-ish style if you swap hands with controller 1, and controller 2.

  2. Pokemon Snap, Pokemon Stadium, Hey You Pikachu do crazy technical stuff and Harvest Moon 64 has crazy gameplay innovations. Conker, besides being an actual game for grownups, did a lot of insane stuff with N64 hardware, RE2 was about the only other thing close. Hey you Pikachu was garbage, but snap probably will get revived on modern devices

  3. Sorry, man, but I really need to point out that Perfect Dark wasn't the one to introduce secondary fire modes to the first person shooter genre. While I'm not 100% sure who did, I do know Unreal Tournament had done it the year before.

  4. Enjoyed & subscribed will share with a bro… I was wondering any of the games you showcase, if it was to come out to the switch which one would you pick?

  5. Thank you Nintendrew for showing Body Harvest. That game is a huge throwback for me and I remember I used to watch my brother play all the time.

  6. One system I thought was ahead of it's time was the Sega channel phone jack and new games updated weekly was sweet.

  7. Was hoping to see Jetforce Gemini on this list.🤷🏽‍♂️ 'Twas a great game with futuristic weapons and 3 main characters to play as

  8. I think WWF No Mercy deserves a spot on this list. No wrestling game ever made there after has reached the quality of No Mercy.

  9. I need to comment about Perfect Dark thow. That wasn't the first game to have reload animations on the weapons, nore to have secondary functions to their weapons. Half-Life did both these things back in 98 for example.

  10. Funny story about a Playstation game ahead of it's time and a Gamespot reviewer: Alien Resurrection

    An FPS based on the Alien movie franchise, the game came out in late 2000 and was arguably the first title to implement the now ambiguous twin analog stick control scheme (left stick to move, right stick to look around/aim).

    Ready for the funny part? Steven Garrett of Gamespot was extremely critical of the game and cited this control scheme as the primary reason: "The game's control setup is its most terrifying element. The left analog stick moves you forward, back, and strafes right and left, while the right analog stick turns you and can be used to look up and down". He went on to argue that EA's Medal of Honor, released the previous year, had far superior controls with the more traditional shoulder button strafing scheme.

    All future Medal of Honor titles (as well as most FPS games in general) went on to utilize twin sticks.

    The cherry on top?

    He ended his review with this: "Fans of console first-person shooters or the Alien film series will probably be better off waiting for Fox's recently announced Aliens: Colonial Marines for the PlayStation 2. While no concrete details have been announced for the game yet, this is one instance where the unknown is preferable to the devil you know."

    Credit to Guru Larry for covering this delicious piece of historic irony.

  11. from body harvest to GTA v the water simulation from the fire truck hasn't changed too much it's still just as choppy. interesting fact though never knew but clearly a moderate loss for Nintendo passing that up.

  12. 6:03 Alright evil-doer kiss your ass goodby…… ( wait a minute ) what's thattttt? Is that a …. ,can it be?
    Oh my God , a bike !!
    I wonder if i could …?
    Yayyyyyy , whopeeee. 🤣

  13. Interesting, I'd kind of say Perfect Dark was the last of its kind and was maybe behind the times. Stop and think, Halo was released a year later, which laid the groundwork for basically every modern FPS to this day. Not to diminish PD at all, my brother and I played that game to death along with our mates.

  14. Crazy how all these games where my fav on the 64. Specially body harvest and perfect dark. Can't forget conquers bad fur day

  15. Oh my gad! oerfect dark was so good! I played the hell of it. Btw im a female, im proud to say this is how i got so good at shooters. I couldnt put PD down.

  16. not to be a dick but you mention real time like world of warcraft you know there was mmos before that with real time?

    everquest where do you think WoW go all their ideas from? most of the devs on WoW team were everquest players hardcore ones too..

  17. Wait, wasn't that the unofficial patch to Animal Forest? I remember grabbing it many, many moons ago. I wonder if it ever got finished?

  18. You missed some features in the Perfect Dark game. (I remember these being groundbreaking things when I got it when it first came out) Being able to hold a weapon to the throat/face of a enemy would make them cooperate. A training level. Drone controlling & controling rockets. Riding a vehicle in a console FPS. Multiple ways to clear missions. Full voice overs through gameplay, this was very rare. It had multiplayer bots with programmable features that were never seen before. A testing program to hone your skills and and level up with for the insane players… We used to have teams of people playing this game competitively.

  19. I really like this video and have definitely learned some stuff, but I personally have some issues with the video.

    While I agree that these game were ahead of their time, I really don't think reloading animations and having the ability to take cover are really ground breaking. Sure, they were probably new things that haven't been shown before, but I wouldn't say that its exactly the reason that makes the game "ahead of its time".


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