5 PS1 RPG’s I would LOVE to see REMADE!


Today we are taking a look at 5 RPG’s for the PS1 that, in a perfect world, I would love to see a remake oe remaster happen for. What would you choose if you could? Let me know!

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  1. I agree!! Especially FF8 I would love to see the original Silent Hill updated or redone. I know they are saying that shattered memories was supposed to be the "remastered version" but to true SH fans …nah

  2. I don't know about remade, but it would be cool if the Lunar series was revived. btw Lunar 2 and Chrono Cross are like the only ps RPGs I own lol

  3. My favorite PS1 RPGs have to be Grandia, Breath of Fire 4 and Alundra (although the last one is more of a action-adventure). Loved those games and keep coming back to them!

  4. Great list of RPG's Dimi. Suikoden is a good one I have that one on the list. I like the series and I actually have the first one and it goes for an expensive amount. On the look out for the 2nd one that one is way expensive. Vagrant Story is one I had on my list as well. So for me it would be Suikoden, Vagrant Story, Star Ocean:The Second Story, Legend of Legaia, and Xenogears.

  5. I remember playing FF8 when it first came out 19 yrs ago, so underrated, back when Square pushed the PS1 and cinematics to the limit. Wild Arms, Vagrant Story were two other great games. I'd also throw in Legend of Mana and Threads of Fate. I had them all.

  6. I would absolutely love to see a remake for wild arms and legend of dragoon those were two amazing titles that need to be remade. I think the Legend of dragoon was ahead of its time when it came to battle system. I would add Xenogears to this list as well amazing story great gameplay and a really enjoyable cast.

  7. Btw wild arms did have a remake on ps2 called alter code f. I was also gonna also mention that suikoden 1 and 2 are on psn as ps1 classics… They do have EU version dunno if that helps

  8. I didn’t know you collected amiibo!? Sweet. I wish Final Fantasy 8 could’ve at least gotten a psn release on Ps4 instead of getting the shaft.

  9. only one on this list i've played a good amount of is legend of dragoon but i agree remasters or remakes would be amazing. i know you're a collector but suikoden is on psn, at least here in the states. maybe worth checking if its available in your area. i did play through suikoden 2 and its amazing

  10. I am also hoping they will remaster Legend of the Dragoon as well as FF8. Another remaster I think would be cool would be to see parasite eve remastered.

  11. The PS1 was like the Mecca of RPG titles at the time. I've played these titles before, and my Brother has beaten them all. He and I would both have to agree that the games that you listed totally deserve an HD/UHD remake.

  12. Bought and played sukoden last year, really enjoyed it.
    Got the follow up but haven't tackled it yet.
    Wild arms looks great, will definitely keep my eye out for it.

  13. Dimi–what are you doing!? How can I list MY top 5 remakes I'd love to see when you hit most of them already?
    Wild ARMs, Vagrant Story and Legend of Dragoon, definitely; FFVIII would be great as well.

    I would add in Breath of Fire III–or at least I say this, but there really is something charming about that old school isometric top down view…
    Chrono Cross would be cool too.


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