Here are 6 ways to make PC driving games more realistic


Getting Racing Wheel

Having a racing wheel while playing driving games on the PC is one of the most realistic ways of having realistic driving experience.

Playing while sitting on the Racing chair

The playseat is very comfortable and easy to setup with no compatibility issues.

Sitting in a Racing cockpit

A VESA mount interface along with that racing cockpit that allows you to adjust your PC monitor at your eye level for better ergonomics.

Installing Steering wheel from a car

There are so many companies that offer machine adapters so that one can connect those standard 70mm wheels with their PCs.

Modifying car’s dashboard

Incorporating the actual car’s dashboard for your driving games on PC could seem crazy for anyone, but it will give a real look and feel as if you are driving your car on the road.

Build a Custom Driving Rig

You can create your own custom driving rig that may include MSI booths, Dealer CRM and ASUS.


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