A Christmas Day unboxing and first impressions of the atgames Mega Drive flashback HD


A quickly put together video showing the unboxing of the atgames Megadrive flashback mini
This was a Christmas gift off the Mrs, I’ve managed to escape the chaos of crimbo so please join me in my first impressions of this new console


  1. great overview Scott, you can defo tell the emulation isn't up there compared to the Nintendo machines, nice that it plays all region carts though!

  2. Here are the official 20 games for md classic,it would sell so much better,

    1Contra hard corps
    2Castlevania bloodlines
    3Turtles hyperstone
    4Sonic 1,2,3
    5 shinobi
    6 phantasy 4
    8Mortal kombat 2
    9Dragons fury pinball
    10 Dragons revenge pinball
    11 Micky mouse castle of illusion
    12. Atomic runner
    13.earthworm jim
    14. Thunderforce 4
    15.gunstar heros
    16.streets of rage 1,2,3
    17 shinin force 1
    18 shining force 2
    19 eco the dolphin
    20. Dr robutniks mean bean machine
    21.sonic spinball

    Sell the md with one controller,make the cord longer then the snes, also online qr codes for the manuels , and a small 20 paged booklet, with a beautiful image of the game art or game, and a small description of the game, maybe publisher,date of game etc and you will have a winner.

  3. How long do you think the battery’s will last though, do you think it would be better with a normal plug in controller, really considering getting one after your vid

  4. It gas a good number of games on it but I just picked up Aladdin,The Lion King and some other Disney games for it and they all seem to work on it.


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