Agartha – the unreleased Sega Dreamcast game you can now play!


Agartha from No Cliche was in development for the Sega Dreamcast and then cancelled. It was thought that the game never actually existed in playable form…but then Dreamcast detective Laurent.C tracked down the E3 2000 demo and then released it to the internet in January 2018. Here’s our short playthrough of the demo with commentary. Thanks to Laurent.C for his efforts to release this demo.

For more information and how to download the demo for yourself visit


  1. Great to see a playable version, I remember reading about this in unofficial DC Mag, and seeing PC Wzrd's series of vids of games that never were. Frustrating how many games just had the plug pulled very shortly after the announcement of Dreamcast's discontinuation.

  2. Wow. So cool to see this. Thanks to Laurent for tracking this down and thanks to Tom for giving everyone a nice tour of the demo. Watching you play, I was immediately reminded of D2. As you said, the interiors then feel a lot like Resident Evil. Another thing I noticed was that the gunplay, when you are looking 'down the sights,' reminds me a lot of GoldenEye on N64. Something about the way the gun waves around.

    It's a shame this one didn't make it. It looks like it could have been a great addition to the library. The atmosphere in the game seems really good and I really dig the music.

  3. looks like it had some decent potential. that movement system allows for what looks like a nice way of investigating the scenes.

  4. interesting, i wish the guy would shut up so i could enjoy the footage. The ingame material speaks for itself, no reason to ruin it with stupid, unnecessary commentary. fuck this youtube generation

  5. it's interesting how there are close to no loading screens here, only when entering some houses, I really get the D2 vibe from this but i'm pretty sure the atmosphere overall would have been more"sane"

  6. Please, you record this video gameplay in a real dreamcast or with a emulator (like demul or Chankast) ?
    Because the anti-aliasing is impressive!!! =O

  7. I made the two men at the table with the bread disappear by shooting them a bunch. Also, I shot the old lady a few times and the game overloaded and I got a blue screen.

  8. Wow amazing! Always Wanstes to play this, it Looks so beautiful. Looks a lot like D2, which is always a great thing.

  9. Wow for a Dreamcast game this looks fantastic it reminds me off D2 it is a shame that the dreamcast only laated 2 years i love the dreamcast.

  10. To say I am happy about this demo releasing is an understatement…..I am beyond overjoyed that finally after so long we can see more content about an amazing game which never saw the light of day! If this truly was a perfect world, than the next game on my list to have a demo released would be Dinosaur Planet.


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