Agartha – Unreleased Dreamcast game -Debug shown – 60fps


Agartha is finally released!!!!

Well, kind of.. A very early build of this highly sort after Dreamcast game has finally made it’s way on to the internet.
While this build is far earlier than what was shown in the official promotion video it is cool to finally get a glimpse of what was basically a challenger to the almighty D2.

This video shows the debug in action and pretty much everything you can do in the early build. It was also recorded via VGA.

A quick search on the net should bag you a link. Dreamcast History!

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  1. Man, I remember anticipating this game's release at the time. Loved No Cliche's Toy Commander, too. Dreamcast…so much potential cut short by Sega's years of mistakes finally catching up with them. Thanks for the vid.

  2. I was anticipating this game when it was announced. Shame it got canceled instead of being moved to another platform. Might have to give this a spin on my dc, looks quite nice for a late DC game.

  3. I can feel silent hill vibe in here, but man that tank control, make me wonder did they cancel it coz dreamcast short life or they cannot figure it out how to make better control with dreamcast controller

  4. I tried the demo yesterday. Must say, nice graphics and atmosphere. But the controls … oh my! Nevertheless, it's a bummer that it wasn't released later on a different system, like so many other Sega games which were scheduled for Dreamcast.

  5. i read about this game in a magazine back in 2000. i was hyped for it.

    i remember it was going to have a blue cd case due to it needing online to work or something.

  6. My most wanted DC game of all time 🙂

    This is the 3rd video in 2 days on it I have viewed, game looks gorgeous.

    Talk of tank controls has killed my enthusiasm to actually play it though :'(

    I can't stand tank controls these days.

  7. It looks like it would've been a worthwhile addition to the DC library. imo, since it's not a finished game, it doesn't make sense to complain about the control, or the graphics. It is what it is. Btw… Retre core… Photoshop error in the logo ? 😉

  8. I can't get this to work somehow. Burned two diffetent copies and it's no use. This is one of the things I dislike the most about Dreamcast, the huge issues it gives making games working for it.

    I hope the more advanced beta ends up released as well. There has to be more content developed for this game as this is a May 2000 beta and the game ended up being cancelled around one year later if I'm not mistaken. Though that was a sloppy move on Sega Europe's side of course. They should have let this game being completed and released as a late 2001 game for Dreamcast and possibly another platform like the PS2 too, like it happened with another game which was also under the Sega Europe radar: Headhunter.

  9. Is it just me or does that backpack look like an angry owl?

    Just me then, although I’d be angry if I was strapped to his back all the time

  10. Looks neat for what it is. My first Dreamcast game was Toy Commander from the same studio, I really liked that game so it would have been interesting to see what they could have turned this into 🙂

  11. what do you mean early? looks less buggy than most games released now 😛 …..ok that was a joke, though only partially.

    anyways, it looks quite interesting, Iooks alot like D2 or The Longest Journey, and some of the other attempts at the time to modernise the old point/click adventure genre.

  12. Lol, I like how it says May 5, 2000 because not only is it Cinco de Mayo, but it's also five days before I was born. Nevertheless, this game looks rather nice. It sure sucks that it wasn't released for the Dreamcast and at least it surfaced around the net.

  13. I never seen or heard about this unreleased title before Mark. But I do have to admit it looks promising to say the least. I'm sure it would've been a good seller for the Dreamcast.

    Nice work as always Mark. I've learned something new today. 8^)


  14. Never heard of this one before, but it's a shame it never got finished. I love the setting and the atmosphere. Desolate, snowbound locations are always inherently creepy to me.

  15. this is a great example of the power and potential that the short lived but amazing console the Sega Dreamcast was. Thanks for sharing!


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