Aladdin (Sega genesis) part 3 levels 9-10


Gameplay of the best Genesis game ever. Levels 9-10.


  1. Ah yes the SNES and Sega Genesis era back when you could play a Disney film video game adaptation and actually had fun playing it because because the developers actually cared about it's quality rather than just half-assing them to make some quick cash.

  2. inside the lamp always got me i could never get past that level when i was a kid…..

    so this is what the next level loooks like

  3. Hard to believe several people worked on both this game and the Command and Conquer series. That always blows me away, even though Virgin was Westwood's publisher for much of it's history.

  4. Omg death by apples was that micky mouse game for sega. Game was imposible when I was little too. It was Fantashia I think or something like that.

  5. its funny who it took you only half an hour to beat this game and it took me my brother and cousin 5 hours to beat that shit

  6. Yeah, I'm not seeing what was so much better about this version as opposed to the SNES version. Unclear platforms and foreground issues, annoying sound effects for the enemies, horribly looped arrangements of the movie's soundtrack (by which I mean it's not properly looped at all) and though the animations can be nice at times, the game looks overall to have been made for Game Gear as opposed to a home console. Just sayin.

    Oh, and no Whole New World level…what's up with that?

    GameGrumps, ftw

  7. :] Getting this game along with a Genesis at age five made for the best Christmas ever. I can't believe how far movie-based video games have fallen since the early 90s.

  8. This brought back memories from my childhood growing up in the late 80's and the 90's. I thought the graphic back then where really great almost like watching the the Disney movie. It was a great game for it's time and still holds up for how old it is now.

  9. man this guy uses a cheat to skip like every level lmao even so I am happy for the memories of me actually beating this with no cheats took me sooooooo long to do it mostly because of the cave of wonders level that was ruff.


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