All Official (and Rare) GameCube Console Variants | Super Gangu


This video will make you want to collect ‘em all! John breaks down the list of all official Nintendo GameCube consoles ever made!

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  1. super gangu you should totally check out my Nintendo GameCube reviews as well as my video game console and controller versus reviews and if you new to my channel be sure to subscribe because I will be putting out a lot more content sometime soon . and this is my first time seeing the Panasonic Q GameCube and an even plays DVDs now that's totally awesome .

  2. I just bought the Metal Gear console. Found it real cheap on Amazon Japan, had to order through a forwarding service but it'll all be worth it in the end! 😀

  3. "A very uncharacteristic move for Nintendo"
    You sure about that? Sharp twinFAMICOM and Famicom Titler? How about the Sony PlayStation prototype? It seems to be somewhat standard for Japanese systems. Heck: look at the Sega Saturn! THREE different manufacturers making the same consoles off the same molds/parts!

  4. Where do people get that "only 150 were ever made" but about the Crystal Chronicles console? That number seems to have popped up out of nowhere in recent times and if only 150 were made then I've probably seen a quarter of them! No, I'm not confusing it wth the Pearl White 'Cube. I was tempted to buy one when they were still new just because of the white Game Boy Player.

  5. Okay, I picked up a black Gamecube with a Wind Waker Link faceplate/jewel/whatever on it from a local used game store and I have no idea where it came from. Help.


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