AMAZING Thrift Store Game Finds! Complete NES games, PS1 RPGs, Final Fantasy VII, PLUS!


Join us as we search for Video Games at garage sales, thrift stores and flea markets. We will buy anything from video games to barbies if it helps fund the collection. We will also give occasional tips and tricks for what to look for and how to find great items at garage sales and thrift stores!


  1. Hey, Chase what's up I'm going to our local new to you soon these guys buy storage units and they come back with hundreds and hundreds of games that's were I've been scoring all my Nintendo ,and. N64 ,Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, they have a whole new Hall crossing my fingers they give me a really good deal man those Nintendo's and everything 75 for about 13 for I don't know there's so many some of those games are going for like 20-30 bucks on its own I'll let you know when I get back later.

  2. is it smart thing to do if some video games don't sell at all will it is a good idea to take about 4 boxes full of video games and systems & get games will sell better at a Expo show

  3. Hey nice video man. Some killer deals on the PS1 stuff. New sub here but check out my channel as well I do pretty much the same thing.

  4. Great finds, first time I’ve seen Aquaman in a shop. Still chasing that one myself. Wish we had goodwills in the UK they are huge.
    Keep up the great work!

  5. Hey Chase! Hope you guys all had a great Christmas, and have a safe New Years!!! Great episode as always – THUMBS UP again!!! Cheers bud!

  6. it doesn't surprise me that you found those deals, they always under price their games. I cant tell you how many times I felt like I made out like a bandit when I was living a mile from there. Also that first goodwill gets quite a lot of really good games as well; my best scores I've gotten from there was 2 copies of Def Jam: Fight For New York (PS2 and Gamecube versions) on the same day and another time I picked up the entire Spyro series, entire Crash Bandicoot series and Star Ocean all on PS1. I used to swear by that goodwill location as a secret honey hole while I lived out there.

  7. Bargain Barons sent me over here. I would like it better if you showed the hunting going through the store not just the haul.

  8. Haha awesome to see a video in my local disc traders chase!! I almost bought both maniac mansion and hydro thunder but ended up getting a complete adventures of link classic edition for 25. Disc traders has wicked good prices love living so close to such a great retro store. Happy new year and keep up the great content


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