Analogue Super Nt’s “Glorious Scan Lines” On My Street Fighter 2 Legacy Collection Cartridge!


Just another fine example of Analogue Super NT’s glorious scanlines On My Street Fighter 2 Super Nintendo Legacy Collection cartridge.


  1. be careful, I saw on some "tech" channel that the street fighter cartridge can catch fire. If that news came from a youtube tech channel, its better than gospel.

  2. Nice video, It's very cool to see people talking about street Fighter 2 after a long time!
    By The way I just made a cover of Ken theme on acoustic Guitar in my channel, come check It out

  3. Capcom re-releasing Street Fighter 2 again? FFS!
    The best version of this game for me, aside from having the actual arcade cabinet or a MAME cabinet, is the 15 Anniversary Edition for PS2. That version was also released on Xbox but I never played that version so I can comment on it but the PS2 version is arcade perfect, and you get the SF2 anime movie thing (which I've heard isn't that good, but still).


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