ASMR Gameplay The Death and Return of Superman Retro Sega Genesis Controller Sounds


Let me know if you want to see more retro gameplay. Since this is a comic book channel I’m only going to focus on comic games. Presently, I own this game as well as Batman Returns, Batman Forever, The Tick, and X-Men. I plan to acquire more.

I would always fall asleep to controller sounds growing up with my brother as well as in college with my roommate. They liked to stay up and game. I suck at most games, but I still have fun.

The picture won’t be great, but the real focus of the videos will be the sounds of the controller, with some possible commentary and faint sound of music and sound effects in the background.

This was made during the busy midday with 3 kids using the living room tv in the background. I posted this video on a whim as a test.


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