Ataribox retro mini-console plays current and classic games


This mini-console plays both classic and current games. It’s similar to SNES Mini and Nintendo’s NES but with a twist.

Ataribox is a contemporary console inspired by renowned Atari 2600 that was first released in 1977 in an effort to achieve the success of Mini SNES and Nintendo’s Mini NES.

The Ataribox console will be in a wood edition in homage of 1977 original plus also in black and red. It’s been promised to have 4 USB ports, SD card support, and HDMI port, with the teaser showing an Ethernet port. The ports on the console suggest contemporary internal specs, which means that it could either play modern PC games that will make it costly or modern mobile games.

Information on the full specs, game content, pricing and release dates is very little. The company maintains that this is to ensure they get it right then share things systematically as they do while listening to feedback.

Even Android-based, a console for both modern and retro games is courageous especially due to the failure of almost all micro-consoles. Mini NES triumphed partly because of its simplicity and cheap price, factors that are difficult to ensure in a more capable console.

The console plays both retro and current games so, whether you are racing your Mercedes round a track or are playing an adventure game the box allows. Enjoy the Atari experience playing games like Battlezone, Kaboom, Breakout, Haunted House etc.



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