AV Composite HDMI VS Component HDMI using the PS2


In this video, I show the difference in picture quality between Composite and Component Converters. Both are to HDMI but only the RasFox AV to HDMI is an upscaler to 720p and 1080p. Using my Elgato HD60S capture device and my PlayStation 2 to capture the footage.


  1. So you can't just up scale every game to 720-1080, only the games allow them. I'm using ps2 to hdmi converter box, looks like it doesn't make any difference, I only using it on da Devine code , so I guess the game doesn't have 480i function

  2. So I have a 60gb backwards compatibility PS3 I'm trying to get the best picture quality out of it when playing PS2 titles. I'm finding using HDMI seems a bit blurry. What cables Would you recommend using to get the best picture And help make a bit clearer when playing PS2 games on my PS3. Thanks in advance.

  3. Well being that most modern TVs don't handle composhite correctly especially from an old console (they look like a blurry mess, with a side of artifacts everywhere) the AV2HDMI looks miles better. And that is really what they're for.

    If I was to hook any one of my retro Consoles up to my modern TV they look like absolute crap and the picture is way off center (where the bottom part of the image is cut off), the AV2HDMI fixes those issues, and makes the image look as good as what composhite can provide.


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