Brook PS3 / PS4 to Dreamcast Wireless Adapater Unboxing!


In this video I take a look at the Brook Game Controller Super Converter adapter that allows you to use your PS3 / PS4 / Fight Stick controller wirelessly with the SEGA Dreamcast.

These are currently showing out of stock, but should come available soon over at Brooks official website –


  1. Hopefully Brook can provide us with a firmware update to allow us to button map controls to the right analogue thumbstick!

    At the end of the video you may have noticed I said that my rating was a 7 :D…I didn't realise this was the first time that I had mentioned this, but I meant 7 out of 10. It lost 2 points for not allowing a full PS4 controller button mapping – thumbsticks etc – and a point for the slightly convoluted way to load and save your game – when a game forces you to use controller Port A for this process.

    Thanks for watching guys! Please make sure to like & subscribe :)!

  2. Is there a way to save the mapping of the buttons? I can’t seem to do it. Once I turn the system off and back on I would have to map the buttons again to how I like it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for the video.

  3. This adapter is pure gold… almost.
    The bad side is the lack of a port to connect a VMU into the adapter, like the EMS's Total Control Plus.
    Who knows if a rev.2 can bring this VMU port.

  4. Great video, little tip, you shouldn’t swap Dreamcast controllers while the unit is powered as you risk damaging a fuse in the controller port. I learned that costly mistake awhile back.


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