Build Your Own Retro Nintendo Classic Mini NES With Raspberry Pi!


Can’t find the new Nintendo Classic Mini in stores?
Don’t want to pay the ridiculous prices in the secondary market?
Why not make your own retro gaming console on the Raspberry Pi mini computer! This is done with the Retropie distribution and loading NES and/or SNES game roms onto the pi computer. I used the Raspberry Pi 3 because it is newest, includes wi-fi and bluetooth. You could make on cheaper if you wanted to.

Here’s the Raspberry Pi kit that I used:
Here are some How-To Videos:




This project was pretty cool. This retro gaming system cost me less than what the Classic Nintendo Mini retails in stores. And you are able to add more games and include other cool packages like KODI. Give it a try! Make your own Nintendo Entertainment System, with KODI!

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  1. I like how the Raspberry Pi was only on a few channels and now since the release of the Classic Mini NES and Mini Famicom. Raspberry Pi is popping up all over YouTube, like it's new best thing. Which it is in my opinion vs spending $200+ on a Mini Nes.

  2. Nintedno can go and suck a egg, i hate their fucking forced scarcity fake supply and demand BS, this is almost them going back to their BS price fixing anti consumer shit they pulled in the 90's and were fined over, why do people love this lot, they are totally anti consumer.

  3. They just cancelled the NES Classic Edition so your video is suddenly a LOT more popular! Thanks for the video. Thanks especially for the pictures. I'm someone who needs pictures to see what I'm doing and what I'm buying. Just to be clear, the Raspberry Pi plays on a TV? I have four TV's in my house, but one of them doesn't have HDMI. Not sure if that's an issue. As for my computer, I have a WIndows 7 but my internet speed is only about 4 times faster than dial-up, which means very slow by most standards. Is slow internet speed going to be a problem installing games?

  4. If you make a video on how to make an nes classic WITHOUT a raspberry pi. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaase!!??!?!!! If you do, I'll like that video!


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