Bully (PlayStation 2) James & Mike Mondays


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James and Mike play Bully for PlayStation 2
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  1. Apparently "Truancy" reads a lot like "Destruction of property" if you guys took the time to read the text on screen you wouldn't be so confused the whole game…

  2. No offense, but why they are so bad playing games? i mean, they act like they never did actually played a game in their whole life lol

  3. Besides GTA: San Andreas, this is one of the games that Rockstar made that has the most character to it. I also think that the combat mechanics in Bully are more refined than any GTA title to date, especially when you complete all of the old bum's training missions.

  4. @Cinemassacre you have to continue the game. You unlock the city if you get to a certain chapter and then you get a lot more to do

  5. James and Mike, i love you guys but it's hard to watch you play any game passed the SNES/Genesis era. I'm getting a feeling that both you guys stopped playing games around that time. I'm right around your age and it's like watching my father play my NES back when i was a kid and he had no idea what he was doing. I know comments are full of hate, this is not coming from a hateful place, still love you guys.

  6. I tried getting into this game, and I enjoyed it for a while, until certain game mechanics started cropping up and reminded me that yes, this is a Rockstar game, so everything I hated about the GTA games were gonna be in this one, too. And seeing I'd already given up on GTA3…I ain't touching this one anymore.


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