Buy these NES video games now before the price doubles


In this video I point out four NES video games that are climbing in price fast & have almost doubled in price in only about a month and a half. If you are looking to purchase any of these NES video games for your own collection, then I would highly recommend you try to find them now at a decent & fair price before they are nearly a $100.00 for each. Really all retro video games prices are going up in price pretty fast, so it would be smartest to buy every thing you can afford before they are to over priced for the average gamer to purchase anymore. Original copies of retro video games are nice to have but it is also nice to know that you can always purchase a reproduction cartridge instead if you are only looking to play the video game titles you want to play for far, far less money.

– Please send any Fan Mail or old & unwanted Sega – Genesis cartridges to this address –

13449 Taylor Hollow Rd.
Collins, NY 14034-9713
United States of America



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