Buyers Guide: Where to Buy Gamecube Controllers (Summer 2017)


i see a lot of people in the Smash Bros. community as the question, “where is the best place to buy Gamecube controllers?” this of course has many different answers but for the starting player, in this video i go over some of the methods i feel will work best for players coming into the game. (also because i feel generally only newer players are the ones who may ask the question most commonly, in the video i assume the viewer is someone newer to the competitive Melee scene.) if there are any outlets or methods besides the ones i mentioned please let me know! this is for the Summer of 2017 although these methods are really valid anytime, i just mention it because prices tend to fluctuate so much in time.

pardon the gameplay, my Falco is trash

possible FAQs: (adding questions asked here)
how about flea markets?
-flea markets, garage sales, etc. can be a place to find controllers, they just are not too reliable. often 3rd party controllers are commonly found there too

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Joakim Karud – Dreams
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  1. My friend gave me his old GameCube controller, it's not the best and the buttons stick but it was free. now I'm looking for another one

  2. If you look through amazon and look through the gamecube products made by Nintendo, Nintendo Wii U, or Gamecube, there are official controllers that go for ~$25

  3. I have the Smash 4 controllers (normal black and Japan-only white) as well as 3 black originals. I like the Smash controllers because the cords are significantly longer and the Smash logo just looks cool on them.

  4. Lol, I've been kicking my friends ass who plays 4x as much as me and has a brand new branded controller with a for months damn near 15 year old gamestop brand controller and a 12 year old madcatz controller, both of which are missing stick pads and have worn sticks that drift, broken right paddles (have to shield with left lul), and sticky A-buttons LOL When I finally got a new controller it felt like I ascended, the difference is fuckin crazy.

  5. Best place to get a GC controller – don't sell your old consoles. jk, the best place is thrift shops, they have them all over the place for $2 or so.

  6. Gamestop gave me a white gamecube controller I got them all for free from the buy 2 get 1 free. I bought a crap ton of games. They were cleaned and they worked fine. I would also hit up local thrift shops for controllers.

  7. Go to your local flemarket. Ive found original excellent condition controllers for $5 each. You can even talk them down to $3 some times. Good luck!

  8. So question should I get an eBay controller for 19.99? it says in good condition and currently on Amazon I find only 3rd party ones someone plz help

  9. Wow I really needed a new controller, so today I went to a local retro gaming store and they told me Cirka was a good controller. They told me like 1/500 sold get taken back. Really weird huh. Thank you for this video, now I'll return it and get my $16.00 back. Btw, I've had an old Waverbird controller from a garage sale that's in great condition. Should I invest in a receiver?

  10. Really really helped, thank you so much, been using friends GCs at my school club and I just wanted to always own one for the club, and than you again for the notice of GameStop controllers hahaha

  11. If I am making my own controller on battle beaver should I get the new or old board type? Does one have more advantage over the other?

  12. I live in Vancouver, WA and here, the Goodwill that is close to my house almost ALWAYS carries Gamecube controllers for as little as 3.99, I don't horde them as that's kinda dickish but I am trying to get every color that was available in the US through retailers and have bought a Wavebird from Goodwill before

    All have been in excellent condition with all the buttons feeling nice with only Wavebird having a chewed up analog stick that requires an easy replacing

    Any thrift store really is good to look out for GC controllers tbh

  13. love how he says that gamecube controllers suck when pros use them i think he is just omg everything is trash to make people not buy them xD i have 5 gamecube controllers and i had them for 4 years and my buttons and stuff hasnt jammed once i bought them off amazon too!!!

  14. i perfer te madcatz over the og gamecube one and i play alot better its just me and before you start yess i have 4 og gamecube controller but i dont like them for games cause they just to bulky for my taste compare to the madcats with the grip on the side and on the joy stick but everyone is diffrent just saying

  15. Actually, I have no problems with the circa 3rd party controllers, I had them for several months and had no problem doing multi shines and playing smash 4 perfectly.

  16. So wait. Are Sm4sh smash 4 controllers actually good for competitive melee???? Cuz I read that the Land R sometimes stick, grabbing and wavesdashing are harder, but I also read that they're pefertly fine.


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