Buying a Gameboy in 2017



  1. I really want that Kiwi Green Gameboy Color! 🙂 Im jealous! 😀 Check out my channel please, you seem like a cool person!

  2. Actually the original gameboy was not black and white it was four shades of pea green but the gameboy pocket was black and white and good luck bro

  3. Nintendo made the BEST portable consoles, that's why they will always have a special place in our heart

  4. Exellent video !Do you recommend me and my friend to buy some GBA to play together ?We're both 12 years old and love old school games.Since the price (in France) is like around 80 € (about ~60$) with some games.We are kinda tired of 3DS,WII and PlayStation.

  5. Im getting a gameboy soon ive been saving up and now i gotta wait for my grades to come in there is a local store in my area which sells old consoles like Nes, n64 gameboys playstation 1 and different games including old ones ?


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