Carters Retro Reviews – NBA Jam TE / Sega Saturn


I felt like being annoying. Then sat up straight, gave you a few fun facts and here we are.


  1. NBA Jam was my first Megadrive game, if I recall correctly, and this version of the game is my favourite by far. It's just such an amazingly polished game with tons of content and I dont think any Saturn fan should pass up this game regardless of any other versions they might have played.

  2. just played a game of this last night. Such a great game. the Hard4Games Jamology series got me into it so i absolutely had to get the saturn version. I'd love to get a multitap and play 4 players with some friends.

  3. I need to get this! Loved the Genesis version back in the day, this looks fun as well. I do own NBA Jam Extreme on the PS1. Haven't tried it yet, maybe I should fix that.


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