Castlevania Lament of Innocence (PS2) All Bosses (No Damage)


Castlevania Lament of Innocence (PS2) All Bosses (No Damage, Hard Difficulty, No Subwpns, No Magic)


  1. no damage? my ass! I swear I saw you get hit without you guarding! in one of the mid game bosses you had critically low hp and yet you tanked several hits that should have kill you! I'm calling bullshit on your NO DAMAGE shit…..

  2. Weird, i remember the forgotten one being more insanely difficult to the point of maybe 1hko me with his beam and destroying those rocks in just 1 or max 2 passes 😡

  3. This game looks really good, tho if I have to ask, is it kind of sad that the first boss of the game and (croniclogicly) the first boss in the entire Castlevania franchies is a small bug?

  4. Shadowserg make me tense on his some boss battles in one HP Only!!
    Edit:You can use Ice Whip for defeating Forgotten One's Body.

  5. Konami have such amazing Ip's but somehow they are destroying their legacy. Take SH, Castlevania and Metal Gear as an example of that.

  6. I really thought there wasn't a 3D Castlevania between the second 64 one and the PS3 one. So weird. This one is like God of War, Curse of Darkness looks like a lame Devil May Cry.

  7. Wow, blocking those giant explosions and laser from Walter, Death, and the Forgotten One? You truly are a god of no-damage runs… Perfect block looks like it's super overpowered, but I'm sure you put lots and lots of time into learning every attack and every block frame!

  8. first boss, boring and i believe the programmers just wanted to out their sexual frustrations with all the genitalia imagery.
    2nd boss, why not name it alastor?
    3rd boss, i remember that guy from Harmony of Dissonance.
    4th boss, really?, medusa head?, even castlevania 64 could give us the full medusa.
    everything else, meh, not exactly the best 3d castlevania, but it tried… also gratz on playing it from beginning to end, for me it looks way more boring than curse of darkness.


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