CHASE After The Right Price | Episode 18| Garage Sale N64 Score, PS2, & stacks of games!


The search for Video Games at garage sales, thrift stores and flea markets. We will buy anything from video games to barbies if it helps fund the collection.


  1. once again great video. I did notice that you left the long box PS1 sports games. That is something I feel that you should have grabbed, because even the worst sports titles have value when its long box games.

  2. Nothing worse than when someone tells ya someone was there earlier and bought a lot of the games already, but it was kinda obvious with the titles that remained.

  3. I never trust Amazon for pricing anymore, only eBay generally.  Like that Spongebob double pack you bought, Amazon at 90, but eBay 10 to 20.  Been burned a couple times like that.

  4. Hey! WOW! What a huge haul!!!! Our favorite scores this episode are the Sponge Bob Happy Squared ps2 double pack, and the tonka trucks. Also, awesome score at the end with getting the 2 systems and all those games!!! NOICE! You guys are hilarious… especially liked Chase's "Fire Marshall Bill" smile. hahahaha


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