cheap usb arcade joystick from China


this is an arcade joystick with push buttons i bought a month ago in ebay . it do not use microswiches but it works fine for fighting games . 20$ price+shipping ,around 17 euros


  1. @eeklipse it is not as beautiful and colourful as japanese sanwa or seimitsu , but it does the job very well , works under xp , vista and windows seven ,fully compatible with all pc games and emulators , you just have to find a stable good desk to stick the sukers

  2. @eeklipse what do you call "vibration feedback" ? are you talking about rumble like playstation joypad ? there is no vibration in my joystick , I didn't know It could vibrate , how did you manage to activate rumble function ? 4 years ago i bought a smallest from china too , they said it vibrate ,but I hva never been able to makle it vibrating

  3. @analogvideo82 sorry , i don't have them .so I can't tell you if they will work . the only cheapest I've seen on ebay works only on playstation 2 . xbox360 joystick are rather expensive even on ebay .

  4. @elgoofy07 they'll work fine . I own two more usb arcade stick , but the smallest version and they are great . if you're going to use emulators you just have to configurate in option menu wich is joystick one and wich is joystick two , you have to assignate buttons and so on . I've tried them on pc games like guilty gear XX,melty blood ,outrun2,dynasty warrior,crazy taxy ,fantastic four,spider man etc… and they worked perfectly .

  5. Hi. So tell us about this joystick, is it any good? Does it feel "arcadey"? I've seen it on eBay, the buttons kinda look a bit shabby like they don't push down deep enough or don't spring back properly or are too clicky, what do u think? I've seen these on taobao for 35 kuai, and I'm going to Guangzhou in 2 weeks, was thinking of buying 2 of these for the wife and me, she kicks my ass at tekken, but only because she button bashes. So tell us about the stick, would u recommend it? How many brow

  6. @sakares the joystick is not at home for the moment , but I would say it's around 29 cm long and 4.5 cm tall without including the stick . it's thick enough , the only issue you will encouter is to find a stable desk with a smooth surface (a mix between plastic and glass) because the suckers under the joystick are very strong , and as you will perform street fighters special moves , your table will move in any direction

  7. @nhutchins hi , sorry I've just come across your enquiry . yes , the joystick does the job very good , I was able to performer every street fighter's special moves easily . the stick isn't noisy you'll wont hear any "click" , the buttons push down enough to respond on the game and they spring back properly. you'll just have to find a smooth and stable desk 'cause the suckers under the controller are very strong

  8. @BenMHM what kind of player are you ? easy with the joystick , you performed too strong moves . mine is still working after two years

  9. I don't have this kind of issue with mine , it works fine under windows 7 and windows xp , no drivers required , the joystick is immediately recognized when you plug it

  10. I managed to get it working on my mac using usb overdrive, but the one thing I cant figure out how to play with it is Mame OS X which is what I bought it for

  11. I just bought it! But i can't make it work! I have Windows 7. It works perfect when i do the calibration test, but no response when i try to play the games. Can anyone tell me what i do wrong? Thanks in advance!

  12. I think the problem comes from the software you use to play games . are you using arcade/snes/gameboy emulators ? if so you got to enter emulator option to setup your joystick . if you're playing pc games , they usually auto detect gamepad plugged into usb port . IMPORTANT : always plug your gamepad first before launching games , because if you launch your games and plug your joystick after , it won't be recognized

  13. What i have is a DVD with around 2000 arcade games a friend gave me. To access them, i open the DVD on my PC, then from the list i double click on MAME32.EXE and a new window with all the games comes up, which from i choose what to play. I can play each single one of them from my keyboard (not that convenient though) but i can't make it from the joystick. Do i need to enter that "emulator option" in my case?

  14. I'm thinking of getting one of these joysticks… what's the build quality like? It'd be nice to see a video of this in action.


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