Classic Game Room – AWESOME POSSUM review for Sega Genesis


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Classic Game Room reviews AWESOME POSSUM from 1993 by Tengen for your Sega Genesis / Sega Mega Drive, a socially conscious environmentally friendly politically correct Sonic the Hedgehog clone starring a wise-cracking opossum.


  1. watches mark mention the PC culture and his take on some social issues on a silly video about a silly genesis game….he does so with humor and sarcasm, able to make a point without the need to take it to extremes or vitriol……….

    Reads the hate spewing posters that use this vid as a catch all for their rants….


    yeah i am sometimes jealous u get to be in space mark, sucks to have to share the planet with these peeps :-/
    great job as usual tho.

  2. "There's one formula that's a fact. If you gotta run around shooting your mouth off telling everyone how awesome you are, it means you absolutely, undoubtedly, unquestionably, one hundred percent COMPLETELY SUCK!!!" – The Rock

  3. This is the sort of game I feel like wanting to find the developers who made this garbage and want to shove a copy of this game UP THEIR ASS!

  4. I only came to this video because of Silent Rob. Pretty much everything he said about these video's is true. I've been subbed for a couple months but haven't watched anything for a while. I just now remembered why. These patron ad's are insufferable. I usually just lean back and play a video. I hate having to quickly sit up to pause or close a video because of the annoying ass patron ad's or shoutouts at the end.

  5. these were the games that were never in a locked cage or case, thats the first clue they are awful, even my mom knew better to avoid buying me games like this when I a kid, plus this game has the sonic spinball sound effects kit, and that oh genesis sounds of trash as well, good games never sounded like this

  6. 7:06 Because of the font you're using, the "Karnage" from this "Lord Karnage Club" kinda looks like "Karaage", which fits, since one of your mascots is a chicken 6:53. Was this an intentional pun?

  7. When Awesome Possum yelled, "I'm awesome!" I always thought that was a bit presumptuous. It sort of set him up to fail, I think. Icarus flew to close to the sun and his wings, made of wax and possum fur, melted. A lesson learned, my friends. A lesson… Learned…

  8. It's bothering me so much that he has a raccoon tail, instead of an actual possum tail.

    Like, they really chose an animal, but then said "Wait, this animal is far too unattractive to actually use. Let's make it look like a different one but keep the name because it rhymes."

  9. The game isn't really "politically correct". It's just about the environment, that's not the same as "politcal correctness" which tends to be about women and ethnicity and racism etc….

    Also, I thknk the game was meant to be a tongue-in-cheek parody of Sonic and how self-conscioucly cool he was.

  10. I think anyone who enjoyed this probably somehow never played Sonic the Hedgehog at the time dispite having a Sega Genesis. Kinda like how I enjoyed Shaq Fu back then while my parents never got me any Street Fighter games.

  11. While I don't think this game is actually PC, Mark seems to be frustrated with all the people with counterfeit morals making issues out of nothing. Like who cares if there's a gender imbalance somewhere? Maybe the reason why the girls are missing out is because the boys put more into things!

    But who's giving these people power anyway? How are a bunch of lunatics getting their way so easily? Why should anyone care about a few whiny fat chicks who can't get laid?! Maybe things would be better if we ship these people off to an island so we're not walking on eggshells around them.

  12. C'mon, Mark. Did you really have to equate a shitty game about recycling and protecting the environment as somehow being PC? The whole PC movement is authoritarian in nature and is about policing language and our thoughts. This is just a game that tries to educate kids about the environment (I agree that it fails miserably).

    The irony is that you took something as innocent as this crap game and turned it into something that it wasn't. You are the one who made it into a political issue and lumped the whole PC culture into it.

    I personally like having a clean environment, does that somehow make me the thought police??

  13. This was the only game my friend was allowed to play on his Genesis, he had one of those over protective Catholic moms

    Still made me want a Genesis over my crappy NES haha

  14. You're against SJW's, Subbed FOREVER!! also game reviews. so that's a plus. although ive been subbed for a LONG ass time now anyway, so i guess… uh… nevermind…

  15. "In 20 years, mankind has automated the destruction of the environment."
    Goddamn, 45 seconds in and this game already pole vaulted ahead of its time with that introduction.

  16. At the very least the voice samples are crisp and clear. and when it comes to Awesome Possum himself he's actually very joyful and lively with speech animations that fit just fine with the voice samples themselves. he also has a pretty valuable phrase, and that is:Never Give Up! i don't reccommend playing this game or trowing it in the trash bin,but i do recommend the game to convert it in a reproduction cart of a better and hard to find MegaDrive/Genesis game out there. cause is not like recycling can't be applied to videogames.


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