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Classic Game Room reviews BLADES OF VENGEANCE for Sega Genesis from 1993, a one or two player side scrolling action game with three characters to choose from. CGR Blades of Vengeance review has Blades of Vengeance video review gameplay of Blades of Vengeance on Sega Genesis in this Blades of Vengeance YouTube review.


  1. hi mark,
    i love your show and have watched almost every video, but I'm wondering what sean zoltek has done to not get the turbo volcano treatment…

  2. Gotta give credit to the lava animation, it's pretty good! Also, that wavy background is something that I just can't ignore, I like those kinds of effects~
    But well, save for those things, this game kinda looks like arse >w>
    And the sound doesn't help matters… It's not bad, but it's not 'good' either…

  3. A very nice game! Beam Software's designers sure had a thing for women with long white hairs, which you can also see in Nightshade for the NES…

  4. I will say it's cool that it's a game that when you get armor, you wear the armor. Most games would be like Armor Collected for extra hit points, but no effect to the character.

  5. Mark says he's a Sega fan but he doesn't know that this game exists? Pathetic! Shameful! And contrary to his opinion this game is far from generic! P.S. He hasn't finished this game or else he would have discussed a number of other unique things about this game!

  6. My brother had this game for Sega Genesis and he played the ever-living hell out of it back in the early 1990s during the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis era.

  7. This is a fantastic game, and is one of the Genesis's better sidescrollers. The key thing Mark doesn't mention is that you are invulnerable to attacks in front of you while crouching. It's a pretty interesting system unlike other games of the time, and as a result this is actually a pretty strategic and game. Survival requires strategy, as you switch between defense (ducking) and offense (attacking). It can be slow paced, but is great stuff. The level designs are really good as well, and that soundtrack is great… so yeah, Mark's off on this one.

  8. Pro Tip:
    Whatever game Mark reviews after you click on the video, immediately pause it, & then go buy the game on Ebay before it increases in price by 200%.

  9. Two player simultaneous. I think it is now going for over $40 though. It can be said to be for those who can't afford Cadash.

  10. This is a very fun and challenging game. The level design and aesthetics are great, too. Definitely a hidden gem for the system, though not exactly cheap as he says. I paid $60 for a clean CIB.

  11. Despite never having played it back when I actually had a Genesis console (20 years ago, maybe? ), this game remained permanently embedded in my memory, if only because I read a review in a Spanish games magazine (Mega Sega, I think it was called) where they literally spent 4-5 pages bashing it and saying how awful it was. I never quite understood why they disliked the game so much, as the screenshots looked awesome! Years later I managed to play it in an emulator and I found it was, in fact, a pretty fun game, despite some flaws. I still don't get that magazine's vitriol towards this game.


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