Classic Game Room HD – DOOM for Sega 32X review


Classic Game Room HD reviews DOOM for Sega 32X from 1994 by id Software. This old school first person shooter is one of the best ever created and gets a wonderful, responsive and playable port to the Sega Genesis with 32X. You have a working Sega 32X!? Heck yes! And Doom smokes with this thing and plays like I remember it playing on the PC all of those years ago. Slaughter waves of enemies in this landmark FPS with your Sega Genesis gamepad which works remarkably well for this game. Buttons A, B and C are used well for the controls to open doors, shoot, run and strafe enemies. Graphics and music are outstanding for this game and all five difficulty settings are present. This CGR review of Doom on Sega 32X has gameplay from Doom on 32X showing game play recorded on video with monsters exploding into bloody messes left and right. Doom! Fans of the Sega Mega Drive, 32X, Genesis, 32 X, Megadrive and other spellings of the 16-bit wonder will love this game…. 16 x 2 = 32. 32X = Hooray failed commercial add-on!


  1. Wow, it's fascinating to note how many things they had to change from a technical standpoint. There is no lighting and they stripped a lot of the textures.

  2. "What's behind door number 2? Thousands of enemies trying to slaughter you.
    The same thing is also behind door number 1… and 3… and every other door in this game.
    Basically don't open doors.
    Or touch levers. No matter what you do in the game, you turn around and there like a hundred bad guys just standing right in front of you. That's part of the fun of this game."

    That was the best line I have ever heard about Doom.

  3. The only glaring flaw of this version is the music. Sure, it doesn't have all the levels but it's still fun and plays well. Only issue with the graphics is that it's not quite full screen but other than that it's crazy that a version of Doom looking and running this good is on a Genesis add-on.

  4. -"Doom does not make that transition well to a 16-Bit machine."
    Nintendo Game Boy Advance counterattacks this! (Yes, I like that port.)

  5. I always felt this version ran so much smoother than the Saturn version. I never understood why the Saturn version wasn't vastly superior to this. Considering the Saturn's specs it should have been. Despite its shortcomings in the 3D department it was still much more powerful than the 32X. :/

  6. I grew up on the PS1 version. I play the PC Brutal DOOM version with a 360 pad a lot now.
    32X version is fucking awful.

  7. What was the resolution of Doom in DOS? or was it customizable? Because I always find impossible to see anything 4 meters ahead of you in the SNES version. Was it also like that in the PC version? I've only played Doom in the newer ports, which let you play at a high resolution.

  8. The best thing I can say about this version of DOOM is that it's better than the SNES version. That's not saying much. I'm sorry, but I have to dare to disagree with the Lord Karnage.

  9. I tend to be harder on the 32X Port than the SNES port, because the SNES port is just as far as you can push 16-bit hardware. That's as good as your going to get. 32X on the other hand was capable of better.

  10. it was the first version i played back in the day and i liked it a lot. nowadays people complain about graphics and sound. fuck it this game rocks!
    i have it now on ps3 and also had it on pc and ps one but for some reason i liked this version of doom.

  11. The terrible music always added to the scariness in the game for me…they were off key and strange sounding…I don't want a rock concert while I'm playing a game about demons and hell…I want to be creeped out

  12. I had this hardware back in the day and the sega cd. I spent all my time playing Doom32X or Wing Commander. Had a ball with both games (didn't own a pc to know what I missing at the time). Of course I threw in Silpheed for a change of pace – that game had amazing sounds.
    None of the other games for the cd and 32x really impressed me – ultimately the systems failed because they never had that killer app that made the public need this system

  13. At the time I was about 12 or 13 and this was the best copy of doom I could get my hands on! It was hooked up to a home stereo and 19"cry tv!!! Coolest thing in the dark!!!!

  14. My rich friends had PCs, I had a 32X I got on clearance at Wal-Mart with a $4.99 copy of Doom.

    I kinda liked it better with a Genesis controller myself, I thought keyboard was clunky for shooting games.

  15. If anything this is the most balanced console port of doom. the jaguar version has the best graphics but no music while the SNES version has the best music but the worst letter boxed graphics. the 32x version runs fairly smoothly and at least has music making it the better over all experience on console.

  16. I played this on PC first and loved it, played it on the 32x and it wasn't as good missing levels and the fact the enemies ony faced forward made it pretty bad, I then sold all of my consoles to buy a mid 90s era pc

  17. Oh come on dont be a SEGA fanboy. This version has very low resolution crappy framerate and awful music. Its a decent version but its nothing to brag about…

  18. Oh, man, memories…..This was the first version of Doom I ever owned, I probably played 200+ hours on this. In the dark. With headphones. I had 2 32x games, the other was Star Wars 32x. (I barely touched that one)

  19. if we want be humans again we must play old games and watch old movies and old 70s music ? what u think

  20. This version was coded by John Carmack himself. Thats why its so good.
    source :
    "I spent weeks working with Id Software’s John Carmack, who literally camped out at the Sega of America building in Redwood City trying to get Doom ported. That guy worked his ass off and he still had to cut a third of the levels to get it done in time. "

  21. I also remember getting excited for Doom on the Saturn and being disappointed. I kept going back to the 32X version. Player with the ye ol Genestick it played more like a shooting ARCADE game! Which was cool especially with the trigger button. But the way the settings were configured for Doom 32X made it very hard to pull up the map with the Genestick this explains why I say it turns it into an arcade feel of the game not being able to see the map. Still it wasn't perfect but I played the crap out of this version!


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