Classic Game Room – IRIDION 3D review for Game Boy Advance



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Classic Game Room reviews IRIDION 3D for Nintendo Game Boy Advance from 2001 published by Majesco. CGR Iridion 3D review has Iridion 3D review gameplay recorded from Game Boy Advance SP and Retron 5. CGR Iridion 3D YouTube review has Iridion 3D video game gameplay showing this spaceship shooter video game on GameBoy Advance SP with spaceships and explosions!


  1. Loved this game! At the time it had great graphics. Boss battles were hard, not impossible. Bright colors and great music too. Great review Mark!

  2. you forgot to mention that the title music sounds like the autobot decepticon battle music from 86 transformers the animated movie ?

  3. I used to hold my SP up to my ear during long vacation car trips listening to the catchy tunes in the sound test. Can't remember if I beat the game or not but I definitely got the final boss a few times at least. Fun game, fantastic music.

  4. This was my 2nd GBA game i got close to launch next to Tony Hawk. Fun game, looks really good. But yeah its a bit too slow.

  5. Ok, after watching this I picked it up. eBay has them for about $6.00 loose. Worth every penny. One of my favorite GB Advance games now. It had mixed reviews so buyer beware. If you like techno music and trippy graphics then you will like this. I just wish there were more weapons/power ups. Looks like I'll be getting Iridion 2 now.


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