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Classic Game Room reviews KNIGHT RIDER for the NES from 1988 by Acclaim, a video game based on the popular 1980s TV show Knight Rider with KITT and Michael Knight! Knight Rider game review features Knight Rider NES gameplay recorded from Analgue NT Mini for Knight Rider YouTube review of Knight Rider videogame review gameplay. Knight Rider game review has Night Rider video game review gameplay recorded from Nintendo Entertainment System NES showing Knight Rider and KITT blowing up enemies on NES Knight Rider.


  1. I used to play this game a ton as a kid. I still have my copy of it. It sucks that the Knight Rider theme wasn't put in here.

    A couple of interesting things to note about this game:

    1. There's a cheat that you can put in during the game to go right to the end of a level. Don't enter the cheat in when you're in the middle of a turn, though.

    2. If you play through the game a couple of times, you can actually get it to crash.

    There should have been more QA testing with this game.

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  3. Nobody ever talks about Streethawk, though. Why?
    Sure, they didn't shoot those lasers on every episode (which is unfortunate, because it was the coolest thing), but still… Lasers! On a bike!

  4. wow.. favorite 80's action show? that is a tough one bro, there were so many great one's.. the rational answer i wanna say is Walker Texas Ranger but i think that didn't become a thing till the late 90's, if i had to pick one it'd probably be the original Kung Fu series with Carradine.

  5. A childhood friend had this game and we used to play it for hours. I still get the music stuck in my head now and then!

  6. I had this game… it was impossible to beat!!! Maybe I just didn't understand it when I was younger. I think I shot everything and constantly ran out of gas…..

  7. i sadly never could stand this game, even if i see it getting halfway decent reviews these days. Maybe i just disliked it since i completely sucked at it XD PS: i think i have to go with A-team as my fave 80's action series 🙂

  8. YO Mark

    you ever consider streaming on here or twitch?

    id enjoy watching you play some old school games and ranting about 80s television

  9. Knight Rider & Airwolf tied in first (maybe slight edge to Knight Rider)

    Dukes of Hazard are second.

    Street Hawk #3, followed closely (in a near tire) by Automan.

    Hard Castle & McKormick & Fall Guy probably tie as well, next in line. McGuyver too. Then after all that, the ATeam & The Wizard.

    Magnum was great, but more my parents show.

  10. And, you are quite right, Mark. KITT 'should' be leveled up all the way. The Knight Industries 'T-Tread' (Seriously. You can drive down the dividing lines for two more lanes in this game.) is such a hollow shell of the show's represented Trans Am. S for Shields? Shields deplete with impacts with anything, KITT had the superior MBS, which survived everything short of acid rain. (And acid pits full of rain.) Guns & ground-to-air missiles? KITT was passive. Not an urban tank. And that gas mileage. The T-Tread model goes through fuel faster then an SUV with a line leak. The 'real' KITT only needed refueling once…per season. (Wish we all had eight trillion miles per gallon rated vehicles.) Also, the show didn't like to leave the west coast too often. Plus the game's way too hard. Next to nobody has probably ever reached the game's best song. (I mean…it's weird. Plays at the very end of the credits. Tons better then that 'thing' that gets played during every minute of game play.)

    However, got to add one point to this game. As…you know whom is missing from it? David Hasselhoff. I mean, seriously…making a drinking game out of every time the Hoff appears in this game couldn't get anyone buzzed. One sip at the intro screen (for the mannequin) and that's it. Supporting staff got an 8-bit pic and the Hoff gets nothing. (Probably wanted money for the cameo rights.)

    Another interesting tid-bit. There's a stage where you're approaching New York. (A little further out.) The only stage where the skies change. Looks like the city's on fire. Talk about a prediction of 9/11.

  11. I liked Knight Rider more than the A-Team mostly because of K.I.T.T., I was a kid and cool taking super car was a big sell.

  12. Buck Rogers in the 25th Century rules! But does anyone remember the old Wizards & Warriors TV series that ran on CBS?


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