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Classic Game Roo reviews the NES Classic Edition from Nintendo for this NES Classic Edition review showing the Nintendo NES Classic Edition game system in a NES Classic Edition YouTube review. CGR NES Classic Edition reviews shows the NES Classic Edition retro gaming plug and play Nintendo from Nintendo which played 30 built in Nintendo games like Zelda, Mario and Pac-Man.


  1. Nintendo be like: Quick! Since people don't know what an emulator and ROMs are yet, let's make a quick buck out of washed up NES titles from the late 80's.

  2. Heh Mark sounded like he already had a few before he reviewed this. Anyhow I never got one just because it sounded like a pain in the ass to do so, but it is a quality lineup of games! Pretty damn nice and you can hack it for more games because people are brilliant so that is cool as well.

  3. The best thing about the NES Classic, is the fact it's tooled and coded to be a NES Emulator. No login Linex, No USB Delay, No Kernel Multiload delay, No C++ delay, soldered video hdmi and soldered controler input with hardcoded Kernel button mapping. So outside of getting a CRT TV and a true NES, this is the best way to play these games. I can actually beat Punch Out on a nes classic, and my Pi3 has a soul crushing input delay with RetroPi. And it's a lost cause to try Ninja Gaiden, Ghouls and Ghosts, Punchout on PC emulation when facing four front end delays to that.

  4. Is he seriously talking about how much money the originals would cost me???? He’s talking about an underproduced piece of crap that goes for hundreds of dollars anywhere you can find it.

  5. For those who wants to play other games on this system:It is possible to hack this system and add nearly all NES Library just google it


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