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Classic Game Room reviews the SEGA GENESIS FLASHBACK video game console from AtGames, a miniature Sega Genesis that plays 85 built-in games and original Sega Genesis cartridges. Sega Genesis Flashback review has Sega Genesis Flashback YouTube review footage of the AtGames Sega Genesis Flashback that plays 85 games, about half of them Sega Genesis. There’s also a bunch of Sega Game Gear and Sega Master System games on here. Works with real Sega Genesis game cartridges and your existing Sega Genesis controllers. Sega Genesis Flashback review shows Victorian 2 and other video games.


  1. Buy a Nintendo wii cheap that works then mod it with all retro games. Its honestly a great emulation machine. The retro pi machine is another good emulation machine. If you want the real consoles it's best to buy them.

  2. So we're all going to ignore the fact that this idiot just said some random shump is "better than any Mario or Zelda game?"

  3. You may be complaining about the cheap menu interface, but trust me. It is so much better than the previous Sega Genesis at game models. The previous menu had a pixely, messy, and overall unimpressive game selection screen. Once you hit vectorman, it dumped you into the cheap knockoff games. And to add fuel to the fire, the sound quality was absolute garbage. Because of the crisp sounds on the menu, and how clean and space each game looks, I'm very happy with what the final product is.

  4. I just own a gen1 genesis. With the announcement of official wireless controllers being made i won't get this just for that aspect.

  5. This console sucks! I own it and all 11 RPGs are broken and you can't finish them. Here a re a couple to check out. Shining force 2 freezes every time you or the AI cast spells heal, blaze, freeze. Making those classes useless. Phantasy star 4 dungeons TAHOE basement and GIOS castle game freezes randomly when about to enter a battle. Go ahead and play them and see for yourself. Don't buy this and I am out 120 Canadian!

  6. ATGames sucks. They have the WORST Sega Genesis/Sega Mega Drive clones. And WHY? Well obviously, because ATGames keeps forgetting to put in the correct music, sound and blast-processing chips into the damn Genesis/Mega Drive clones!

  7. I've seen these things freeze on let's play videos. Also the sound is better but still poorly emulated compared to an original Genesis…. I only recommend this if it's on sale.


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