Classic Game Room – SOLDIERS OF FORTUNE review for Sega Genesis



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Classic Game Room reviews SOLDIERS OF FORTUNE for Sega Genesis from 1993, also called The Chaos Engine for Sega Mega Drive. CGR Soldiers of Fortune review has Soldiers of Fortune Sega Genesis review gameplay of The Chaos Engine review in this Soldiers of Fortune YouTube review and The Chaos Engine YouTube review.


  1. I was. coincidancely dreaming tonight about me and other peoples fledding away from warriors because knce they would,ve found you ,you will get beaten very brutaly , i heard sounds in the background of beaten peoples, now that was creepy, then i was swedding & waking up and i found this video turned out to be uploaded before night here,haha lol.

    Yeah that funk music in the menu is awesome.

  2. Blast processing beer. But, the hand would have to engage the flamethrower before being retracted also.

  3. Love it. Check out True Lies on the Mega-Genesis-Drive. It uses the same game engine (and that engine isn't chaos)

  4. scientist = priest in the gmae proper. played it when it was brand new, and still have it in steam. also, if you play it as retro game, pretty sure its best played with Amiga 500…

  5. Name changes are weird.

    The Chaos Engine is one of the most well-known games by a UK group of developers who became famous for their Amiga games.
    I think only Blitzball is more famous amongst their games…

  6. The graphics don't look very colourful because they were made for the Atari ST, and the ST could only handle 16 colours on screen at the same time. But I like this version more because of the 90s techno soundtrack!

  7. Chaos Engine was developed for the Commodore Amiga. It looks a little less colorful on the Segga Mega Drive, cause the console hasnt the power needed for that game.

  8. This game is best played on Commodore Amiga. Please do check one of the newer longplays of Chaos Engine for Amiga. Soundtrack is far superior and I think you will like it as well!

  9. I mostly played this on the SNES and I thought it sounded great there. The Genesis crunchy music I suppose just didn't do any favors for it. It gets incredibly hard after World 2, but I still love it.

  10. Interesting how you rightly slam the music in this. The Amiga version that I remember was much better. And over here in the UK, the “Scientist” is actually a priest, hence the dog collar type deal on the character’s in game sprite.

  11. Not only is the Mega Drive music awful compared to the Amiga original, but it sounds like yours is playing way to fast because this was originally a 50hz game. This makes the music sound even worse again.

  12. I actually once owned the SNES version which had better music but I didn't know the context or story as my copy at the time didn't have a manual.

  13. ???? you mark its all about the Boise for me I can't stand all these little girly gay boy gamers who sound like little boys lol you sound like a bad ass diablo rocker


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