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Classic Game Room reviews VECTORMAN 2 for Sega Genesis from 1996, the sequel to the groundbreaking Vectorman. Vectorman 2 youtube review has Vectorman 2 youtuber review gameplay recorded from Sega Genesis using SCART cables from Sega Mega Drive Model 1 Sega genesis 16-bit monster game system.


  1. I've played in beaten vectorman and vectorman 2 on Sega Genesis multiple times and I've memorized all the layouts of the stages and that game brought me so many nostalgic memories I wish they would have made an HD version a vector man for the Wii U Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo switch because it's been awhile since we've seen the robot back in action and I really want Sega to focus on other franchises besides Sonic the Hedgehog too.

  2. I'm still amazed that Vectorman wasn't a pick for Sonic and Sega All Stars Transformed, his whole gimmick of transformation would be perfect in that kind of racing game.

  3. I used to play this on the Sonic Mega Collection, that was one great collection. Weirdly I never played this back in the 90s, despite not getting a 32 console until 98.

  4. I don't get the Vectorman games unfortunately, they don't spark the least bit of excitement in me though i really tried to feel something for them.

  5. Damn Mark, when you many years back reviewed Quake4 i cut you some slack cuz John Carmack was actually that stupid to code the fourth id engine to display everything at the possible lowest graphics setting, unless the player edits a game file. The game straight out of the box plays like Quake2 even though you set everything to the highest in the ingame menu system. You even did go on about the graphics being very dated but who cares cuz this is Classic Game Room.

    But the fact that you share video of Genesis games as a raw RGB signal, i find unforgivable. Those vertical lines aren't supposed to be visible in the graphics, those are the sure sign of a game counting on the television which it is being played on to be a CRT TV, so the system can cheat extra colors onto the screen using the delay in the phosphorus layer. If the Framemeister is the absolute most fucking greatest thing in the world there should be an RF option on it to enable this mode. OR we would be better off with good old camera aimed at a screen recording.

  6. This game is alright. I mostly played on the Sonic Gems Collection on the Gamecube. It was good but I think the original was a lot better. I think it is odd they put the first two Vectorman games on the Sonic Gems Collection.

  7. Yeah things got cut short, I think if the Saturn had done better we'd likely have seen a Special Edition of Vectorman on there. To me it compares to Earthworm Jim, the original is just better.

  8. never was a fan of this game (and its predecessor)… ok its technical achievement… but the art design is too dark, sound effects are bad… I really prefer light cartoonish graphics..

  9. The Vectorman games never really did anything for me. The audio is bland, the graphics look terrible due to the Genesis' limited color palette, and the gameplay style was done so much better in other games for the system.

  10. Sega needs to make more consoles. I'm getting bored with Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony because they want us gamers (Including myself) to pay to play online for a month or a year and that sucks. Sega needs to get work on a Dreamcast 2 and make the Dreamcast 2 play online for free, make the Dreamcast 2 backwards-compatible with Dreamcast 1, Saturn, 32X, Genesis/Mega Drive, Master System and SG-1000 games, make the Dreamcast 2 VMU memory cards have built-in rechargeable batteries and backlit screens and save Dreamcast 1, Saturn, 32X, Genesis/Mega Drive, Master System and SG-1000 game data, make arcade sticks for fighting games, shooters and make the Dreamcast 2 controller snug and comfortable to hold in your hands and make the Dreamcast 2 controller be compatible with Dreamcast 2 VMU memory cards and Dreamcast 2 rumble packs. Anyone agree?

  11. I've noticwd that the scrolling is very annoying when you jump, the camera shakes a lot, and this not happens in the firat one. Also Vectorman character seems to be smaller. I am correct?

  12. I like this one more than the first, but that's probably because I played it first. I have a lot of extremely nostalgic, almost dream-like memories of playing this, Kid Chameleon, and Comix Zone on a PC collection of genesis games from when I was probably ages 5-7. What a great game.


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