Retro video games take us our childhood time. Many of us started their life with these classic video games in the 90s but now these video games have developed with more complicated and sophisticated form. They both have the taste of casino gaming and console gaming. Some games revise the classic time on the gambling side and some display an incredible game with casino-style themes. This casino style theme has a variety of games that someone them also provide an option of to buy silver or gold, give prizes at some point of the game.

Here are some games that have adopted the theme of the casino.


  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2 – Casino Night Zone


Sonic the Hedgehog is the great video game among all other games as it provides a variety of sonic themed styles on its game. Sonic is a band that provides a quick recognition outside the hardcore gaming network. Sonic become so popular and make it a worldwide star. But, now another version of Sonic 2 was available where casino themes built in the Casino Night Zone.


  • Super Mario Bros 2 – Slot Games


If you think that sonic was big then you can easily argue that the Mario Brothers were bigger. The characters of Nintendo’s flagship is back again, Mario, gang, and Luigi are the reasons of the most enjoyable video games. The graphics of the game is not attracted as expectations from a modern game. But other things including the world of mushrooms, tunnels, sewage pipes, princess, and turtles are present and in the end of each level, there is a touch of casino game magic.


  • Donkey Kong – Batty Barrel Bandit


The followers of Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong has grasped his own place for the next generation of games from Nintendo. Donkey Kong is a now consider one of the few game characters that are still liking from passionate gamers worldwide.


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