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A playthrough of Ascii Entertainment’s 1997 point ‘n click horror adventure, Clock Tower.

The video shows the best ending on the Jennifer path.
No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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  1. 21:00
    I guess the scissor man….


  2. wow, I loved this game growing up. It scared me silly. Watching this brought back so many memories. Thanks for posting. I still screamed while I watched this. I miss this game…

  3. I must say I do like the weird animations. Surely they didn't make them like that on purpose, yet those unnatural movements add anxiety to the gameplay.

  4. Gotta love Barton's straightforwardness.
    "It's okay, I won't stress you too much, I will just ask you some simple questions. First thing, TELL ME EVERYTHING ABOUT THE ABOMINABLE MONSTER THAT TRAUMATIZED YOU"

  5. This game could have been awesome. There is tons of flaws but is still really enjoyable. I'm disappointed that since haunting ground there is not any game based on a maniac killer trying to kill your character. i'm not a maniac of course but these are really thrilling experiences

  6. I loved this game so much growing up, even when I was like 12 in 1996 this game scared the shit out of me. The part where he jumps out of the painting in the mansion literally made jump backwards.

    Ah the good old days of games. I liked it better when gaming was considered 'nerdy' and companies weren't so god damn greedy (microtransactions, DLC, etc.). I'd play Playstation 1 over PS4 any day. Maybe it's nostalgia from growing up, or maybe it's just that games were better.

  7. For all the people that claims that RE7 is a copy of this game I have news for you: it isn't a copy (of this game).

    The creators of RE got ideas and mechanics from the PC/SNES version of Clock Tower and so others games of the time to do this game (not from part 2 of clock tower).

    In fact, the developers of this game were inspired with RE1 concept (3D style and sounds), because Capcom presented the game on trailers and shows at the same time of the development of this game. And the prove is that RE1 was released months earlier than this game, and even with this advantage of time the gameplay of RE1 is better than this game.

    It's a regular game in my opinion, but remembered with too much nostalgia. The most I like for this game is the soundtrack 🙂

    And I think RE7 copy a lot of mechanics for another games, but more contemporary like Outlast.

  8. i've got a strange story about this game, i bought a copy of it not too long ago, and i brought it to a friend's house, because he never played it, we put the game in a ps2, when it loads up, it starts up with the cutscene for the best ending, no kidding. it just decides to play the ending cutscene for the best ending of Helen's campaign. I'm sitting there losing my mind and wondering how did it do this, my friend is confused, i tell him what the cutscene is and he tells me i should clean the disc. the cutscene ends, goes to the title screen. this is why i wish i could record things with my eyes and then print a small film

  9. Man i havent seen this game in forever pretty disappointed the video kept freezing but the audio continued the subtitle popped up after the conversations were over. I have a really good connection. Not sure what the problem was. ??

  10. Hey throwing soap at that dog was just mean. >:( Why not program the game to distract him with a big meaty bone. It would be less cruel. Oh well, here is hoping that dust doesn't hurt him too long. And I gotta admit that Scissorman is just creepy every time he appears. And unless that dog had rabies, it's another story.

  11. First time I saw this playthrough, there was one thing about the reveal of Scissorman's true identity that baffled me. Said reveal only happens if you took Jennifer's path. SPOILER ALERT! READ THE REST AT YOUR OWN RISK! He reveals himself as Dan, who was one of the two devil children from "Clock Tower The First Fear", which was the ORIGINAL Clock Tower game and not this one. Wasn't till I saw a playthrough of the PS1 re-release that everything made sense. If you watch closely after Dan supposedly "goes up in flames", you'll see someone rise up from the remains of the body. Once I saw that, found myself saying "Well that explains his return".

  12. This was the best 1997 Christmas gift I ever received. Oh, and that same year I got a Because I asked for one. I barely played the damn thing.

    But this game? I played it to death — took me forever to find out how to finally get Helen's best ending. To this day I remember the item placement and the traps to avoid .That fireplace death always horrified me.

    2 years later, I'd request Clock Tower 2 as a 1999 Christmas gift. Thank god I got my Dreamcast that year, or Christmas would have been ruined.

  13. you cut and pasted! 75:49 I can't trust you! nostalgia though. Even if it is a fake run through. I've gotten the A rank with Helen and there's tons of specific decisions and shit that completely change the endings. fun fun


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