Connecting a Third Party GameCube Controller Adapter to Switch


Some people are having trouble using the new hidden feature and connecting GameCube controllers though their third party Wii U/GCN adapter following the latest Switch system update. This method worked for me.


  1. PSA: To anyone coming here because his adaptor doesn't seem to work: Some have the PC/Wii Switch, some don't. Mine doesn't have it and didn't work at first. I then moved the GameCube controller to the 2nd GameCube port on the adaptor instead of the first. The controller was recognised immediately. Same goes for Player 3 and 4. It works if you don't use the first slot, which seems to be occupied by the Switch Pro Controller I used to turn the system on. Maybe my first port is also faulty, but just a heads up for anyone with issues 🙂

  2. In hindsight, it's obvious that you would need to toggle it from PC to Wii U, but I guess I just forgot about that switch there. Thanks!

  3. Do you have to plug in both usb's? I bought a tiny usb c adapter to replace the dock when i'm on the go, but it only has 1 usb port.

  4. Thank you so much for posting this solution. I just bought a super cheap third party adapter on a whim and I was getting ready to throw it against the wall when it didn't work instantly. Did this fix and now it works great! Can't wait to play some Mario Kart and Odyssey like this 😀

  5. Thanks for this. Can't find a first party adapter and want to get my GCN controllers ready for the Switch version of Smash. Now I know I can buy third party and not worry.


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