CONSOLE WARS – Mortal Kombat (Super Nintendo vs Sega Genesis)


In the 90’s war Mortal Kombat came out for both SNES and Sega Genesis. Which console was better? Find out on CONSOLE WARS!


  1. On gameplay, no one mentioned the terrible lag that marrs the SNES version. It's too sloooooowwwww… And that I think is the killer blow, along with the blood issue.

  2. 10:05 THAT Isn't EVEN The Fatality Seen In Original SEGA Genesis. You'll Pluck Out What Is Called A Black "Goop" When You Perform Kano's Fatality. See "Mortal Kombat Fatalities: The Obscure, Unseen, And Censored" Video For More Details!

  3. One more but probably inappropriate, Mortal Kombat without blood is like porn without T and V. Anything less i something you don't want to watch.

  4. I will never get used to the fact that many other original stuff is overlooked only by the code-blood presence of the Genesis version. It can make sense to everyone else, but not for me.

  5. Mega Drive (Sega Genesis) has a 6-button controller and 6-button arcade stick, and Mortal Kombat on Mega Drive has 6-button support. Thank god for solutions to arcade-perfect controls.

  6. Yeah the no blood in the SNES version really killed the game, its a shame because it was superior en everything else.

  7. If you leave the controller idle during the Opponent ladder in the genesis version, it doesnt automatically start the match, so theres no fucking need to pause the game.

  8. I would say gameplay goes to SNES as well. 6 buttons + start/select makes it more smooth to execute everything,
    Making it 3-1 Nintendo. BUT SEGA still wins imo, cuz of the blood and fatalities.

  9. damn you guys missed or skipped over one of the biggest difference 's of the two the time it takes.. lag of the snes to go to the fatalities vs the sega. the snes takes forever to go dark then do the fatality after you do the move on the controller vs the sega that almost has no lag like the original arcade .

  10. You guys should have pointed out the input lag on the Super NES version, essentially making Mortal Kombat unplayable and the fatalities impossible to pull off. Sega Genesis wins gameplay based on that alone, plus it has the better music in my opinion.

  11. For the gameplay area the sega guy should've mentioned the delay on the Super Nintendo port for inputs. I might have a bad snes copy, but there is at least a second or two of delay in between your input and your character actually moving.

  12. My sega genesis controller has 7 buttons, including start. So that issue doesn't apply to me. And I like the genesis slightly more because of its violence. As without it you might as well play street fighter. And the SNES was almost unplayable for me due to imput lag and such.

  13. Just discovered this channel last night, it's a great idea.

    I was into SNES back then, and recently I'm considering buying a Genesis now that the 16 bit wars are over.

    I'd like to see you compare Super Mario World and Sonic 1, simply because Sega started that debate with their commercials in late 1991.

  14. SNES had way better graphics. Whatever the point they tried to make about the lack of blood makes no sense in an objective analysis.

  15. Isn't there a game genie code for the SNES version to turn the sweat droplets red? (essentially bringing the blood back)… Or was that for the second game?

  16. only noobs whoc ant play fighting games think sega is better the gameplay is better for snes it just lacked blood blood is a gimmick that doesnt make a game better again the people who say this cant even describe how to do slide into combo

  17. Are you insulting the Genesis or are you really comparing it ?Just give it up shit head .Genesis wins hand down mother fucker .Beside is a old system and Sega become now only a game logo give it up you retard ,let Sega rest in piece you cock sucker
    Snes was only marketing ,money and mainstream consumers stupidity , why don't accept it ?
    Sega was way better

  18. Blood amd fatalities may not directly affect gameplay, but they are a core part of the series appeal and identity. It's like taking away coins in a mario game. Without the violence mortal kombat is a very solid and fun fighting game, but it's not mortal kombat.

  19. Blood SEGA wins by default : ) I like the SEGA music better its more bass and has a heavy tone. SNES one is like if you turn the treble to 10 and had the bass on -5 , I think it sounds a bit more bad ass on the SEGA Genesis. Mortal Kombat used the 6 button controller.

  20. Saying snes music better when sega clearly much better. in maximum carnage episode did not mention the most important difference when carnage laughs in sega version and does not in snes. had to unsubscribe

  21. You guys have been at this console wars for a long time. Glad you have stuck with it. You guys deserve more subscribers just for the quality cheesy acting alone.


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