Custom Gamecube Controller Button Reviews (Battle Beaver Customs and Smashproof)


hey guys! in this video Im following up my last video unboxing the Battle Beaver Customs Gamecube buttons. I have now been able to play with both sets (Battle Beaver’s and Smashproof’s) long enough to give reviews on them. I also briefly go over other companies within the custom button and custom Gamecube industry, and the methods to receive buttons like these yourself. I grouped the review into the 5 categories of look, feel, quality, price, and availability. I am not picking a winner of these two companies as both buttons are very good, simply telling the strengths and weaknesses of both and leaving it up to the consumer to decide. if you have any suggestions for this review, better ways to restructure it, etc please let me know as well if theres any product you would like me to go over. I hope you enjoyed! this video took a long time to make and edit so if it is helpful in any way it would mean a lot to hear any feedback! thanks again

(I usually always credit the songs I use but I lost the files for them in the process of exporting and creating more space on my pc. I know they are all instrumental free to use songs however which is a search I found them with on YouTube. will make sure to keep crediting the artists in the future)


  1. Hey this is ScepKo from Vizwar Gaming. I work very closely with Nfreak from Mute City Customs and I just wanted to let you know that they do not make any custom buttons. Both Vizwar and Mute City Customs only specialize in painting controllers or consoles.

  2. Hello, first of all, nice video, and channel in general. Secondly, I have a question. Have you heard of any online store selling 3d printed thumb sticks? To be specific, it would be cool to get a different color C stick of the same shape as a regular one. I have seen people selling whole custom controllers on ebay and the like with 3d printed buttons and sticks of various colors, but would rather take the time to build my own. I don't like that annoying yellowish-orange color, but like the feel of the default right stick. If I'm going to splurge for custom parts, I would want to replace everything to my exact liking. My main controller has optimal performance currently, but is under constant use, abuse and maintenance because of many relentless hours of playing Melee. Any feedback would be nice since I've only worked with first party parts and have yet to buy any custom parts online. I honestly just want to be flashy and have a better looking controller like everyone else does, but don't necessarily know the best way to go about it.

  3. Hey man just saw your video, I am very curious. Would you be interested in selling you clear front shell for gamecube controller? If not, where did you find it?

  4. is there anyway to change the color of the jack at the end of the wire? Or do i have to just buy a circuit board with that color

  5. Hi, little late but I'm wondering what color those blue buttons are from BBC? Are they electric blue or light blue? Thanks

  6. Quick question, what color of button do you have on the white controller, I think it looks great and am thinking of buying them

  7. Is smashproof store closed?, i want to buy some buttons but it doesnt show me any product, just some "ukemi" thing

  8. I would like to buy a green B button, a blue A button, a grey z button and a dark grey d-pad. Then I would buy the raphnet GameCube to N64 adapter.

  9. Can you interchange the different styles of rubber pieces between different controllers(the thing that battle beaver has their sizes for)


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