Deyellowing a Rare Crystal White GameCube – Adam Koralik


It’s Adam Koralik here and today we’re discussing a Japanese Final Fantasy Crystal White Nintendo GameCube (with Game Boy Player). Specifically, we’ll be restoring it. This console is extremely limited, one of one hundred and fifty ever made. However, it’s very yellow. I want to fix that, let’s go!


  1. Hey Adam. You think this thing is rare? You'll hate me if I told you what I have in my collection. I have a console where if the person I bought it from is telling the truth, there are only 2, count them, 2 units of in the entire world. Of course, you being a massive collector, maybe you have the other unit in your collection.

  2. +Adam Koralik Do your de-yellowed consoles get back to being yellow after some time has passed since application? I have a Sega Saturn that I absolutely gave up on because it kept yellowing again and again even after using this Hair stuff enhanced with Vanish. I ended up replacing the case with a Skeleton one and buying a skeleton controller to go along with it. Skeleton Saturns are actually quite common here in Brazil.

  3. Your welcome Adam and yes I'm still watching from time to time!Glad to see that game cube is still up and running with you!

  4. i cleane dmy nintendo wii it has some yellow on grippers and stuff and used ahcohol and worked fine now looks white

  5. So I have done the 40 Cream retrobrite according to your tutorials in the past and the above one. I got a White FFXIII PS3 from Japan that was yellowed underneath on the side the stand and controller so I have had it sitting out since 10 AM recoated it and frankly it looks like its white again. I guess will see when I bring it in but i brought the controller top half in and it looks completely white again which would be crazy after one coat. Thanks for all your videos.


    We had one of these when I was 6-7 or something, but it broke down and we bought a new one (just the normal Purple) and threw this one away…


  7. Gonna be re-doing that little guy in a year and/or some. Being solid white when the yellow comes back it'll be blatantly obvious.

    I recommend checking out 8-bit guy's video on RetroBrite methods.
    The better method would be to put it in an Ozone rich environment with high heat.

    $30 is insane on that though, good steal.

  8. I have the PAL Pearl White one, didn't realize it was a different color than this. Does anyone know if there is a Pearl white GameBoy Player? I thought it only came with the Japanese Crystal Chronicles GC Package.

  9. I bought a boxed version of FF Crystal Chronicles for the Gamecube. I really enjoyed FF Crystal Chronicles Ring of Fates for DS. Do you think I'll like it? Or Will it Just look pretty on my shelf?

  10. Man I want to get a GameCube again, it's the first console I ever owned and has some of my favourite games. Ive been trying to look for one in my city (I'm in Canada) but every where I'm looking they are priced for more than I want to and feel like I should spend, if anyone has any advice or tips that would be great!

  11. Sorry to be "that guy" but you CAN remove the memory card doors- they just slide out and the springs come along with them. Nice find and work, though.

  12. Is the uk pearl white gamecube considered rare if it wasnt part of the pack? My box says nothing about mario strikers.


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