Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition : PS4 Console Version Gameplay & Review


The Ultimate Evil Edition of Diablo 3 just released for the Playstation 4. What gameplay changes were made? Have the visuals been upscaled at all? And what is the best version of Diablo 3 today?

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What is Diablo III?

Also known as D3, the third installment to Blizzard Entertainment’s notorious dungeon crawler released for the PC in May of 2012. The game went from being “controversial” in it’s use of real-world currency to arguably the best of the franchise with its Reaper of Souls expansion in March of 2014. Since then, it has been ported to PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, and Xbox One making it the most widely available Blizzard software of all time. Diablo is classfied as an action role-playing dungeon crawler hack and slash. The game features both online single-player and multiplayer modes.



  1. i know this is an old video but the saves for this game on xbox one go to the cloud and your system. This allows protection and i believe bow they have beefed up their security for the online

  2. need help: wanna buy this for ps4 to play with my brother, i love games like Gauntlet, Champions of Norath, Baldur's Gate,… Do you think we are going to enjoy this game?

  3. Blizzard did an absolutely amazing job with this game on PS4. I didn't know it was possible for controller to handle this type of game so flawlessly.

  4. On PC the mini map top right is awful. Can barely see where I'm going. Not so here, clear as day map outlines.

  5. Worth to buy this game on ps4? I played this on pc though. Any games for ps4 to last very long? In need a game that can last for a some time unlike uncharted it seems very short.

  6. I have been playing on the console since launch of the PS3 version (transferred to PS4 version), I have yet to see any player that has obviously hacked or is hacking in some way. Then again I play with my friends about 90% of the time and have only played with strangers maybe a dozen times since I got the game.

  7. If you play solo the Nemesis also appears if you die to a high level monster, I believe. It also wouldn't work in hardcore because the game is over if you die.
    Besides that it was a great video!

  8. Thanks for this video Rui! I'm getting diablo 3: ultimate evil for my ps4 on Thursday or friday and I wanted to know how the ps4 changed the gameplay mechanics. Am happy to know that I'll be just fine.

  9. what I do miss about diablo, going back to the first diablo on PC, is the slower pace to take everything in, the mood, the darkness, the towns and the characters. I remember feeling the worry of the townsfolk and the eerie chill to the game slowly creeping in, building up to the menacing first boss, the butcher. the game has become a bit too much on steroids now, with so much fast paced action and enemies filling the screen that you lose track of what's going on. note to developers to take a step back, and remember what made diablo a classic, it was not just the game play, but the story, the pacing, the empty space, and the mood.

  10. the biggest change for the ps4 versions is that on a controller you can trigger all your skills at the same time something you could never do on pc wich is pretty much like god mode

  11. just got the "ultimate evil edition" last week and im loving this game! ima female barbarian bay-bee!!

  12. Bounties have been overhauled now. You don't need tokens from bounties to open Nepahlem rifts. You need to run NR to run greater rifts. Bounties are used to get upgrade mats for Kanai's cube.

  13. I just picked up Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition for my PS4 and it say's it cannot download. Any ideas? Did anyone else have this problem?


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