Display Framerate In RetroPie Show FPS Counter


In this video, I show you how to add an FPS counter in Retropie.
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  1. Eta Prime, I'm thinking of buying PS controls to play in the retropie, the retropie will be only for PS games, I think of buying two controls, you tell me the control of PS3 or PS4???, I'm asking because it looks like the control of PS3 has some "problems" to connect to the retropie (if I did not see it wrong on youtube)…

  2. Big fan of all of your videos. Have been considering donating on the regular. I am trying to build the super pi gurrl.. keep an eye out for my questions. And reply as you can. And once it's complete and If I have gotten some extra help. I'll make good on my promise.

  3. I've already done this although on N64 I've found glez64 runs best and scales resolution to 640×480 brilliantly with no better performance than the other N64 emulators. Zelda Ocarina of time runs perfectly.

  4. Hey, Eta Prime! Big fan right here, first, I have to thank you because everyday my "GamePi" console only gets better because of your channel.
    Second, I have a question that I've never found an answer online: Despite getting a "better" performance from N64 games, what can I gain from overclocking my Pi3? I'm kinda scared of doing it, because I have a NesPi Case, and I don't know if overclock is worth of risking, because, I accepted that I can't play N64 properly on Pi (despite being my favorite console), so, is there any another gain from Overclocking? And, is there a risk overclocking with a NesPi PCB connected on it? Because I know the NesPi Case uses more energy

  5. Hi ETA
    I have a question hope u can help me out
    Im trying to make one of the portables of retropie but im having trouble with buying a screen
    Idk whats the difference with the one that has the hdmi port n the other that doesnt
    What difference does it make ?

  6. Has anyone able to connect a PS3 controller using 4.4? I would like to see a video about that. For some reason, no matter how I do it or try on Pi 3B+, Pi 3B, or Zero W, I can not connect to any controller that worked with 4.3.

  7. Hey can you do a tutorial on how to play snes game with msu-1 mod on retropie plz 🙏🏽 your voice is easy to follow.


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