Donkey Kong Country 101% Walkthrough (SNES Classic)


This is a 101% walkthrough of the original Donkey Kong Country game for the SNES, played on the SNES Classic.


  1. Shame and disbelief filled DK's mind, for his sacred bananas had been robbed of him by the mischievous and diabolical b a n a n a s t e a l e r

  2. The Super Nintendo is my favorite system of all time. I didn’t get the classic but I still have my snes with most of these games so it’s okay haha

  3. este juego me trajó muchos recuerdos
    desde que iba a la primaria y pasaba a las maquinitas para jugarlo
    like si tuviste tu mejór infancia

  4. My first game ever!! Loved it, the music, the animation the jokes… and then DKC 2!!! MIND BLOWN… then I played DKC3, at first didn't liked much, but it grew on me.

  5. Does anyone know how to jump on top of Donkey Kong so he can throw Diddy? You used to be able to do this in the original game.


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