Dreamcast Homebrew and Unreleased Games: RETRO Buyer’s Guide Episode 46


Episode 46: Dreamcast Homebrew and Unreleased Games

Despite its relatively short life for a console, the Sega Dreamcast continues to be popular among retro game enthusiasts –– not just for its excellent library of games, but also for its very active homebrew community. And thanks to the internet, titles that were either cancelled in mid-development or that never saw an official retail release have been preserved online. In this episode of RETRO Buyer’s Guide, I take a look at some unreleased and homebrew games for the Sega Dreamcast.


  1. Great video, propeller arena look and sound remind my why Dreamcast was my favorite. Also most my nostalgia for random NES games come from the Dreamcast back then as my cousin was actually the one with a nes. I remember mine had tupac as the menu music Haha, but eventually did find a way to change it

  2. Awesome videos dude, gonna subscribe right now, check my GameStop dumpster diving videos, some good stuff ??

  3. I used to play all the Beats of Rage stuff on Dreamcast, which in the end just made me realize I don't have the same respect at all for Streets of Rage level design that I do for games like Final Fight, Double Dragon, the Kunio Series, and the truly best brawlers.

  4. I never really got into the DC… I finally got one a few years ago but my library is still small. It is pretty cool how the console can be exploited though. Volgarr looks freakin' bad ass! Definitely need to play that one. Great video, once again!

  5. All the way back in 2005 I downloaded a sega genesis emulator image and it changed the direction of my dreamcast. After that I saw that potential remained and I still have it, it's also my oldest possession. I will keep it forever for sure.

  6. I was wondering if there was ever a prototype or unreleased version of Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 for dreamcast. If you watch Top hat gaming man and his segment about dreamcast I think a dedicated dreamcast magazine shows an image of Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 for the dreamcast and ever since I saw that I've been on a quest to see if there is a prototype or even if someone could homebrew it because I would love to play that on an emulator on my phone while I'm traveling or waiting in Airports. Not to mention it would be amazing to play online.


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